How to Fix “MediaServer failed. Camera needs restart”

This time of technology and every youth want to be touched with technology. We love to purchases latest model of mobile that provide more feature than the last model. With the latest technology we have latest feature but some time they also create problem. This time I want to introduce a problem and its solution that is occurring with Samsung Galaxy Mobiles.

MediaServer failed. Camera needs restart

The error named “MediaServer failed. Camera needs restart.” occurs sometime when you try of run your camera to click a picture or video.

Here is the solutions:

1. Settings >> Application manager.

Setting - Application Manager

2. From Applications >> Running or ALL

Running camera application

3. In Running services, press the Menu key to show the option Show cached processes.  Select Show cached processes.

4. Scrolling through the list of cached processes look for the Camera application and select it.

Stop Camera Application

5. When you select the Camera process you will have the option to Stop it.  Choosing Stop should successfully release the camera hardware.

Now return to your home screen and try to relaunch the camera application that you were trying to run when you ran into the “MediaServer failed. Camera needs restart” error message.  It should now successfully start with access to the camera.

2 Responses to How to Fix “MediaServer failed. Camera needs restart”

  1. Haifa says:

    I used this process…butt its not work on my mobile sm j5.please tell me ehat to do noww.

  2. Kwati says:

    I tried to solve this but it doesn’t work

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