How to Find the Best Executives for Your Business

If your company is looking for a new executive to lead it into the future, what should your company do to attract the best person on the market? While each company has different goals, values and needs from its executives, there are universal tactics that recruiters should use to try and attract the best talent on the market.

Best Executives for Your Business

Human Resources Should Try to Lure Top Executives With a Large Salary

Offering a large salary could be an excellent way to get a top executive to want to work with your company. The human resources department can talk up the fact that your company is offering one of the best compensation packages on the market.

A potential candidate for an executive role who hasn’t had an executive role in the past may be amazed at how much more he or she is making compared to what they used to make. In some cases, you may be able to pay less than the market rate if you are interested in someone with little or no prior experience at the executive level.

Therefore, offering the chance to make more money could be enough to convince a candidate for an executive level job to join the company. If the salary alone isn’t enough to attract a candidate, talking about the private gym, private jet or other perks could help.

Partner With Executive Recruitment Companies

Current executives looking for a new job or those looking for a job as an executive may use a recruitment agency to help them find positions that they would be a good fit for. If your company uses an executive recruitment company to find good fits for your company, it will be much easier to find only those who would make an impact for an organization. While spending money on any hire can be costly, a company could generate negative press as well when they botch an executive hiring.

Talk About Issues That the Job Candidate Cares About

Companies don’t like to hire people who don’t share some or all of the same values that others in the company do. The same concept is true for those looking for work. They don’t want to work for a company where their ideas and input won’t be appreciated.

Therefore, it would be a good idea for the company to talk about an issue or an innovation that the job candidate cares deeply about. For example, if the candidate is an environmentalist, the company could talk about the steps it is taking to help reduce carbon emissions in the next five years.

Try to Promote From Within

Promoting from within could be a great way to find a leader for the future. If the company does promote from within, it is important to find someone who has spent many years with the company and believes in its future. This ensures that the next generation of leaders will continue to grow the company without changing the brand that customers have become familiar with.

It is never easy to find a top executive. Company leaders need to know what they are looking for from an executive and who meets the criteria for being successful in that company. While top talent may not stay on the market long, there is no need to rush the decision. No one should be hired until a consensus is reached among those who are charged with making the hire.

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Arpaporn is a Thai national who has just recently completed her MBA. She is currently working with Australian business to help them gain a business edge, in a consulting capacity. She has a particular interest in the habits of executives, and what kind of conditions attract executive talent to a company.

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