How to Crack a Flight Attendant Job Interview – The Dos and Don’ts

Flight attendants are one of the most glamorous jobs in the airline industry after pilots (or better?). It is often overlooked but you need more than looks to get into one of the premier airlines company to get a job as a flight attendant. Some of you might have appeared for interview after interview but still have not been successful in landing the job. So what mistakes have you done? This article will try to point out some of the things that you should do and not do to get a job as a flight attendant.

How to Crack a Flight Attendant Job Interview

It might be a childhood dream for you to be a flight attendant after noticing their smart dress and classy attitude. There is also the magic of travelling above clouds in a sleek and beautiful plane or maybe it is due to the wanderlust inside you. A lot of people join the airline industry for the ability to travel to different places and the best part is, you are getting paid to do it. So whatever may be the reason, you have got yourself a chance to take hold of this dream job of yours and you should be perfect. So let us look at how you can crack the interview and land your dream job.


  • Chin up and smile

Remember the job of a flight attendant is all about making your customers feel comfortable and showing a strong sense of hospitality. If you do not smile and make a grim or sad face, you are well out of the interview the instant you enter the room.

Smile at the interviewers once you enter the interview room. This will also let you know that you will like doing the job. Keep your chin up and look directly at the interviewer while speaking. A smiling face is a basic necessity for a cabin crew and in job you will have to sometimes keep that grin for as long as seven hours straight.

  • Know about the airline you are applying for

Whether you are shooting for the moon with a career in Qatar Airways or a low-cost career airline, you need to know about the airline. Apart from giving a general idea about the airline you will be able to answer any questions related to the airline, if asked by the interviewer. Updating your knowledge on the industry will also help you to be one step ahead of other candidates.

  • Wear smart yet simple dress and makeup

Outfits and looks speak a lot when you are applying for a flight attendant position. Most of the airlines will provide you with a certain dress code for the interview and you should follow it religiously. They take serious note of what you are wearing and about your appearance. A simple outfit that emulate the airline’s uniform will do. You need to put layers of makeup to look great. Just carry your attitude and smartness with you.

  • Never make your voice sound bossy

Flight attendants need to have a lot of patience and reply all queries of the customers with a sense of ease and friendliness. So you need to sound calm and assertive at the same time but never bossy or rude. Also you need to be good listeners and if you keep on asking the interviewer to repeat his/her questions, you will end up on the wrong side of the interviewer’s impression.

  • Show your confidence

Confidence not only comes from the way you speak but from overall body language. You need to show yourself brimming with confidence.


  • Negative body language and weak voice

Weak body language never got approval from any interviewer and especially when you are interviewing for the position of a flight attendant. Do not sit with a slouch or cross your legs. Never fold your arms while talking. Maintain eye contact all the time whether you are talking or listening. Above all smile and speak confidently.

  • Answering in one or two words

Closed-ended answers are like dead end to a conversation and surely a dead end to your interview when it comes to this profile. Make your answers as lively as possible to keep your interviewer interested.

  • Arriving late for the interview

The airline industry is all about punctuality and this should be on your mind while going for an interview. Check out the address beforehand and try to start early from your house so that you arrive on time at the venue.

  • Being too casual with your answers

No interviewer likes to hear casual answers. They have other candidates to interview; so cut the unnecessary replies and answer straight on what you are being asked.

Follow these advices and you will surely be successful in getting a job as a flight attendant in one of the airlines you always wanted to join.

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