How to Choose the Right Laptop before Buying

Choosing the laptop is the easiest one these days but for prospective buyer this will help out to buy a laptop.

Buy a laptop

1. What is your Need

First decide what is your need, if it is writing or editing documents, or creating presentation is going to be your main purpose of the laptop. than you can choose a laptop with good keyboard, a well durable design with medium multitasking support can save your task. so you can go for an Intel’s dual core or any quad core pentium processor with 2gb ram and 320gb hard disk will suit your need. you can get this from 20k-30k with Acer,Hp,Dell and Lenovo.

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For hardcore gamers and picture, video creators is your main purpose that you can go for the Top end ones of the line – you can can choose the Intel Core i7 or the Intel core i5 with a deticated graphics card from Nvidia, Radeon so it can handle the intense graphics work.

2. Looking for a secondary machine

The seconday machine that you are looking for some basic works or internet surfing that you want to carry with yourself were ever you go, than the Netbooks are the one you are looking for. they Netbooks are ultra thin, lighter that you can carry easily, can perform all the basic task that you are looking. you can get a netbook with a 2gb ram and with the cpu Intel atom dual core or Amd Dual core with a 320 gb harddisk. some good options are acer ballon carnival. these Netbooks comes at a price range from 16k to 19k.

3. Check the No of Ports

If you are dealing with external devices frequently that you have to check with the no of ports. the upcoming laptops are having atleast one usb 3.0 and two usb 2.0 ports minimum. there are also thunderbolt ports that can transfer even more faster.

4. Don’t Buy a laptop only by its specifications

Don’t Buy a laptop only by its specification, the design is also very important. you should try out the laptop keyboard before buy the model you have desided. check the palm rests are big enough to get good typing. if the keyboard has a backlit that it is very good so you can work in night.

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