How To Choose The Right Bags As Your Body Type?

You have to choose the right handbag because its reflect your nature and attitude. You have chosen beg according your body type. Handbag is also important part of our life which define you and your taste. These are some tips which help to convay a right kind of information about you and your style to the outside world.

How To Choose The Right Bags

For small statured women:- These type of women have to choose small sized bags. This bag is suits your style and make you look shorter. You can choose handbags with embellishments, prints and bright colors. These handbags gives beautiful and attractive look at your style.

For Skinny and Tall statured women:- you can look stylish with round shaped and Hobo style bags. Both type of bags are look stylish, attractive and beautiful on tall stature womens or girls. You can also use clutch for giving unique look at your style.

Heavy statured women:- You have to carry Structured ones and this is perfect for your stature womens or girls. These type of bag are help to hide your extra flab. You have to avoid round shape bags, shoulder bag and slouchy bags.

For Plus Size women:-Plus size women have to carry short to medium straps bags which gives smaller and slimmer look. You can use bold prints bags which will suit your body shape.

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