How to Buy Wrist Watches Online for Men

buy watch onlineThe battle for your wrist is on, and in this quest, there is no end to the many manufacturers who have jumped into the battle to claim the most number of loyal followers. This being said, with the strident improvements made each day in the world of watches, there is certainly no dearth of choice for the man of fashion – or for the man who focuses heavily on functionality and convenience above just something that looks good.

For almost every sophisticated man, a watch is perhaps his primary piece of jewelry. This is why the choice of a proper watch is almost literally put through the fire. So if you’re planning to buy a wrist watch either for yourself or for that special man in your life, this guide will help you choose one that is worth your money and that can be worn with pride.

Understand Classic Watch Styles

If you’re to make the perfect wrist watch purchase, you need to know more about horology, or the science of making watches and timepieces. From days of yore, watchmakers have constantly worked on their craft to create mechanisms that are designed to outlive the wearer, leading to what makes modern watches tick today. So choosing a wrist watch is not just about what looks good, nor is it about big brands. On the contrary, it is all about choosing classic watch styles that suit the lifestyle of the wearer, because of the way in which it functions.

Know The Value Of A Watch

Considering the value of a watch is important before talking about pricing, and you may be surprised to know that the price of a watch alone does not determine its value.

A simple way to determine the value of a watch is through the formula:

(Feelings associated with wearing the watch * how often it is used) ÷ the watch price

Quite often, although you may have a specific budget in mind, you certainly wouldn’t mind spending a little extra to get a good quality watch. Even if you do go out and buy a few cheap watches that you think you’re going to sport for casual wear, the reality is that well-made, classic, genuine watches are what really make their way on to people’s wrists, and this is what you need to focus on when choosing a wrist watch online for men.

Buyer And Watch Protection

When buying watches online, ensure that you check the reputation of the dealer and the company. If the company or dealer is new, check with testimonials from other buyers and check whether they have a strong social media presence as this will give you an indication of how active and customer friendly they are, especially if they are known to actively engage with customers. Check on options to exchange watches that are defective or that have been damaged during shipping. Most reputed online dealers of men’s wrist watches also give you standard issue warranties to cover repairs with dealers affiliated to the manufacturer. Also, check for a certificate of authenticity before completing your purchase. If you’re going to spend a fat amount on a watch, the least you can do is make sure that it is authentic, and that you’re not a victim of the massive counterfeiting that goes on in the watch business.


Watches vary in the way they are made, the material used and the labor involved in its making, and this determines the total price. Lower price range watches are typically consumer watches. While they are meant for regular use and are more commonly found, it is not uncommon to see them last for a really long time. Brand or enthusiast watches are of the highest quality levels and are priced high. But beware – these watches are usually the most vulnerable to counterfeiting and if you’re not sharp, you’ll likely get ripped off. When buying a watch online for the first time from a dealer, start with a lower price point watch first to see if you get your money’s worth before going on to the next price point.

Luxury watches and ultra luxury watches are perfect if you’re willing to spend this kind of money and if you’ve done your homework on these watches. If you appear gullible, you’re likely to get ripped off. Since these watches are by definition exclusive and exclusive, they are not often available for public sale and are usually open only to select clientele. You may have to hunt around if you’re looking for ultra luxury watches, but again, beware of counterfeiters or those who try to persuade you to buy one without proper paperwork or watches in the black market.

Invest Wisely For Enjoyable Use

While all men love their watches, they are not really investments unless you plan to pass them on to generations after you. If you plan to sell your watch down the line, you will get only what the buyer is willing to pay for it, which may be just a fraction of its real value. Understanding this when making your purchase will be a guiding factor on how much to spend. However, nothing beats the enjoyment that comes from wearing a good quality wrist watch that expresses a man’s individuality. So choose a wrist watch wisely so that it reflects the personality of the wearer and acts as a perfect reminder of achievement and style.

In summary, once you’ve acquainted yourself with watch styles, their value and the type of watch you’d like to invest in for yourself or for your man, make your purchase from dealers who are authorized by the manufacturers to sell their products. This ensures that you get a better deal, are more likely to enjoy exclusive discounts and offers, and you are also sure that the wrist watches you select are worth the money you put into them. So take your pick carefully and the watch you purchase will stand proudly on your man’s wrist, adding to his personality to perfection.

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