How to Buy the Right Camera

It is very difficult to buy the right camera, as numerous options are available in the market. When buying peoples usually only look at the megapixel and the zooming but they does not look for the other important specs.

How to Buy the Right Camera

Sensor Size:

This is nothing but the dimensions of the array of the camera photo receptors which brings the image by creating the pixel for that image. The Bigger the sensor, the Better the image quality.

Sensor type:

We have two choice of sensor, one is the CCD and the other is CMOS. If you want a better high quality image at an affordable rate than go for the latter one which is better.


When looking at the lens there are two things that we should look at is Focal Length and the Aperture.

Focal Length – this is measured in millimeters. If the focal length of the 20-100mm lens than it will have zoom length of 5x.

The aperture- it is the opening size that will allow the light. If the number is lower that the aperture is larger. If the aperture size increases that the sharpness of the subject front and the behind will increases.


It is referred as Megapixel.  Every modern camera have more than enough MP.


The longer the focal length that the closer the zoom will be.

Light Sensitivity:

It is specified as ISO sensitivity. The higher this value , the better the ability to shoot in low light.


When it is harder to look in the lcd in sunlight that we can use the view finder.

There are some additional features you can also consider  to buy camera like battery life, face detection, Continuous shooting rate, storage capacity, GPS, Wi-Fi, waterproof, etc.

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