How to Adjust Brightness on Laptop?

There are many best laptops available with reliable brand like Dell, HP, Acer, Toshiba and many more. Every laptop brand has different functionality to adjusting contrast and brightness in a laptop. We adjust the function to improve pictures and text quality and make it suitable for our eyes. Many of us have faced the problem because laptop has not extra button to set brightness and contrast like desktop. Don’t worry we are sharing solution for this problem here.

Adjust Brightness

Adjust Brightness

There are two options to adjust brightness on laptop:

  1. FN+Arrow keys: Hold the FN button (near window button) and press up-down and left right arrow to adjust both (brightness and contrast). Some laptop provide the option on function keys(F5,F6) too but don’t worry both symbols would be available there.
  2. Power Management: This option use in that condition when FN button or Function keys are not working well, so click on power icon and set it for maximum performance.

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