History of Indian Cinema

Raja Harishchandra1. Raja Harishchandra : It is considered the first Hindi movie that was mute and made in 1931.

Fatima Begam2. Fatim Begum : Fatima Belgium was the first female film producer in India.

Alam ara Movie3. Alam Ara : The film was released in 1931. It was first Indian Talkie(Bolti) film.

Kisan Kanya4. Kisan Kanya : It was first colored movie in the history of Indian cinema and Padma was in the lead role of this movie that called with the name of “Color Queen” due to this movie.

Achhut Kanya

5. Achhoot Kanya : Ashok Kumar was in the lead role in this movie. It was made by Bombay Talkies.

Chatra – Bakawali6. Chatra – Bakawali : This movie had 49 Songs in it that made in India.

HunterWali7. Hunterwali : Stunt movies were started from this movie in 1934 and Nadiya play the role of Hunterwali in this movie.

Kanoon 1958 br chopra8. Kanoon : There was no any song in this movie. It was made in 1958 by B.R. Chopra.

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