History of French Fashion

What does fashion mean to someone? It can be anything depending on how an individual takes it. The world fashion defines designs. These designs can be of anything whether of clothes, accessories, footwear and others.

Today we are not apart from it and no part of us without it. If you see clearly you would find it everywhere even in nature too. Nature has beautified this world with its amazing colors and designs and is continuously doing it. When evolving human race saw these designs of nature covering its part beautifully then they started to realize design for themselves.

Fashion has its own history, a history which is of elegance and aesthetics but how it originated and developed, is a story. Charles Federick Worth was the first fashion designer who created his own fashion label for the clothes he created and set up his shop in Paris, Maison de couture. He was the one of the best fashion designers who revolutionized and reshaped female clothing making it comfortable and awesome. As time passes fashion also changes and grows. The country where it originated and took a place is Paris, the city of artists and in London too. All early fashion came from Paris.

When the 19th century was coming to an end then fashion was progressing and giving new perspectives to dressing and designs yet the dressing of beautiful French era was still popular. It was time of peace and prosperity in Paris provided arts of every field flourished and nurtured whether in literature, music, theatre or in fashion. Many artists made their mark in the world in this period. It was the time of fashion and popularly of La Belle Époque, the beautiful French era.

History of French Fashion

At that time curvaceous S-Bend silhouettes were very popular that created S shape when worn and the man who more refined and changed it, was Paul Poiret that gave women high waisted and short skirted types of clothes. He was born on 20 April in 1879. He started his career as an apprentice to an umbrella maker where he made clothes for a doll collecting scraps of umbrellas. After hired by Jacques Doucet, he moved to House of Worth where he designed simple and practical dresses for women and in 1903 he established his own label.

Besides S-Bend there were two things in fashion more popular for well dressed women, first was tailored suit and second was fashionable hats which were a kind of accessory for heads. They were embellished with flowers, pearls, ribbons, feathers and with other things too. It was a time when fashion was being explored more and became free means now women could wear clothes without help of a maid. Paul Poiret first designed an outfit that could be worn without the help of a maid.

Except all this the fashion shows took place and the first fashion was held during this time by Jeanne Paquin. Many influential designers came and the changed the way women dressed at this time and more popular were Mariano Fortuny and Jacques Doucet. During the world war first when changes came in dress designing fashionable skirts came for giving more comfortable walking space to women.

Now gradually changes were coming to dressing sense and dresses which reformed the fashion. It was the golden age of French fashion between world wars first and second that brought a great change in fashion industry.

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