Happy Valentine Day 2019 – Messages, Card and Coupons

Chocolates and flowers salespeople were the ones who came up with Saint Valentine`s Day just like Women’s Day.

Alternatively, it could be in the memory of a good priest: many men, many minds.

One can treat Valentine’s Day differently. However, no matter how skeptical your mood may be, it will come and very soon. Moreover, in the depth of one’s heart, each of us will be waiting for a romantic gesture from the beloved.

If you still have not figured out how to congratulate your soul mate on Valentine’s Day, this article is for you.

1. Tete-a-tete breakfast

Waking up with your loved one – is it not happiness? However, if you want to make a surprise, get up a little earlier and prepare breakfast for your lovey.

You do not need to be a Master Chef for this. After all, you can make a declaration of love even from the usual scrambled eggs.


If it is not your first time cooking, then you can create a culinary romantic masterpiece. For the preparation of lace pancakes, you need 200 ml. Milk, two eggs, 50 grams of flour, and 2-3 tablespoons of vegetable oil, salt and sugar to taste. Knead dough, pour it into the piping bag (can be replaced with a thick plastic bag with a notched corner) and create!

2. Valentine’s Day card

It is a classic of the genre. The simplest (and commonplace!) Then what you can do is to buy a ready-made valentine in the nearest office supply store, grabbing a box of chocolates and a bottle of champagne in a nearby shop.
Of course, such a manifestation of attention would be excellent. However, it is unlikely to be a surprise toremember.

Another thing is a do-it-yourself valentine card. Do not rush to disown, showing how the hands grow out of you. Often, to make a hand-made postcard, you need nothing but scissors, glue, paper, and fantasy.

It is easy. However, you can still make a sweet valentine.


Alternatively, Valentine-surprise. Just something to glue, the two paper hearts and put a pair of candies or a small gift inside.

3. 100 reasons for love

Love is a causeless feeling. It is difficult to explain why we choose this woman or this particular man. And if you still try?

Make a jar or box for Valentine’s Day – “100 reasons why I love you.” Fill it with little notes with the reasons: “… because you are funny when wrinkle your forehead,” “because you smile at me in the morning.” It is not necessary to write “fundamental” things. Let it be nonsense, but very personal.
Your other half will open your jar, not on February 14 only, but the reasons for love will be re-read whenever you want tenderness.


4. Romantic coupons

Another idea is romantic coupons. It is a kind of “lottery tickets.” On each of them there is an inscription: “In the cinema for any session,” “Favorite dish,” “Just kiss” and so on.

This gift can bring you a whole month (or two) of romantic moments. After all, you can make as many coupons as you like and “use” every day one at a time.

5. SPA-procedures

Have you ever had a shower together? Highly recommended. A sea of pleasant sensations and water saved.

However, on Valentine’s Day it is better to take a shower with your loved one, but the bathroom, after having turned it into a SPA salon.

Twilight, aromas and sea salt will help to create the right atmosphere. You have lit beautiful candles. Just do not forget about safety, please. Keep in mind that this evening only one fire should flare up – the flame of your passion. To be safe, you can use small LED lights.

They say a man loves with his eyes. However, only those claim this who do not know that he has another love organ of four letters — a nose.

A sense of smell sometimes is stronger than sight, awakens our feelings. It comes as no surprise that marketing specialists dispense the scent of vanilla before entering the candy store.

Aromas will help to tell you about your feelings without saying a word. The main thing is to choose them correctly:

lavender, rose and sandalwood relax and relieve stress, ylang-ylang intoxicates and creates an erotic mood,and nutmeg excites the imagination. Drip a few drops of essential oil into the bathroom, or use an aroma lamp to create the right atmosphere.

Finally, use sea salt, bubble bath, and bath foam. They will help you relax and give pleasure.

No matter what your attitude to Valentine’s Day is, do not forget to pay attention to the nearest and dearest. As you can see, it is not difficult, but February 14 is still a good reason to be a romantic.

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