Google Plus (G+) Is Going To Be Shut Down, What to Do Before 2nd April 2019

Google has officially announced the closure of Google+ as a social network. They started up the system in 2011 to try to engage in a contest with Facebook. A decision has now been made to close the project, and it happened after news about a vulnerability that gave third-party developers access to personal data of about 500,000 network users.

Following The Wall Street Journal, the organization kept up a vulnerability that had existed since March 2020 but did not publicly announce it for fear of regulatory sanctions and reputational damage.

The vulnerability allowed engineers of about 438 third-party apps to retrieve data from users who installed this application, even if users denied access to this information. Data could include names, mail locations, gender, jobs, and age, but not private messages. The organization said they did not possess evidence that the sensitivity was in active use.

Undoubtedly, this vulnerability played a role in sentencing Google+, but perhaps the main reason is still the low popularity of the project. ance with By Google, recently 90% of sessions of users last less than 5 seconds.

About the inevitable closure of Google+ began to talk immediately after the departure of its creator Vic Gundotra in 2020. Then, a year later, Google separated Google+ from YouTube and its other services, giving another unambiguous hint at the future of this project. And this week, Google finally decided on a step that had matured a long time ago – the search giant announced the closure of its social network Google+. We will immediately stipulate that the social network will be unavailable for users, and this process will last for ten months and will end in August 2020. After this, Google+ will continue its existence as an echo for corporate users.

Google+ has added to the list of failed projects from Google. What happened?

At the beginning of February 2020, all users of the Google+ service received letters on closing the facility on April 2nd and deleting all the data on it.

Here is the abbreviated text of the letter:

In December 2020, we pronounced the solution to close Google+ for individual clients in April 2020. It is because of the low popularity of the service and the inexpediency of its service. Much obliged for using Google+.

On 2 April, Google+ account of yoursset up + will cease to existand we will remove content. Also, they will delete images and videos from the archive album of Google+ and + pages. It is available for free downloading and saving your content until April.

There is going to be no option to log in with Google+ by yourself or other websites to leave comments: the function pops out of existence onBlogger by February 4th and on other websites by March 7th. On April 2nd, 2020, we will delete comments from your sites using your Google+ account.

What happened to Google+?

Google, having seen the enormous popularity of the Facebook cyber spaces, decided to bite off this delicious piece of cake. Since the usual method, namely, the purchase of this network, did not work out, the company decided to create its own social media service.

Before long,avoid wasting time and catch up with other online networks, the organization showed its monster world to the Google+

The client matters who saw this new social media for the first time did not understand what it is and why people need it. Indeed, the developers who created Google+ have not tested this service for usability. Besides, they did not have a clear idea of what should be the result. They had a clear task to grab market share quickly.

After the announcement of the advantages instead of the desired enormous popularity, there was silence compared to the same Facebook.

Since the expected popularity of the new social network was at zero, it was necessary to do something urgently. Therefore, the project management decided to force this network on users for a so-called start.

For the benefit, there was a decision by everyone who somehow depends on Google. They created such conditions of work with a search engine that website developers and SEO specialists had to register on the Google+ network. It was done to improve the performance of their sites in search results.

However, as the well-known proverb says, you cannot be forced. Yes, in the new social network it turned out to add almost everyone who somehow was involved in the development of websites. However, to force them to lead the activity did not work.

As a result, Google created a social network in which 90 percent of inactive users were engaged forcefully. Infusion of money into advertising also did not produce results, and the system was dead.

What is the reason?

As practice shows, to create a favorite product is not enough just a lot of money and specialists. For example, the largest and richest Microsoft Company was never able to make a convenient and popular browser. Moreover, its Windows operating system is the most popular in the world.

In the modern digital world, no one can predict what will be popular and what will not. Therefore, all recent and successful companies invest a considerable amount of money on new projects and take risks. Interestingly, often, 90 percent of these projects do not survive. Therefore, they are trying to buy already working products. It is worth remembering how YouTube video service found its buyer in due time. In any case, one of the essential points in a successful business is to enter the market in time!

It may seem that Google made a mistake and lost a lot of invested labor and money, but this is not quite so. The company received a lesson and made the appropriate conclusions. It is strange that they did not understand their mistake even when launching the advantages.

In the meantime, users who liked Google+ social network are running to download their photos, and the developers of this network are removing links to Google+ from their websites.

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    There are numerous communities with huge fan following. Google’s decision will certainly affect those communities and other sharing ideas and communicating over this platform. However, there are other new social media network thriving like GAB. Thanks for Update

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