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We totally get it.  When you’re in business you’re considered to be ‘on your own’ as far as the banks are concerned.  They’re more than happy to help you in the good times but don’t play nice when your books don’t look so good. At Gateway Equity, we know that many business owners tend to funnel their profit into property but can’t easily access those funds via the banks when they really need it again.  So we offer a convenient and fast way to help you release equity to fund your business or investment needs.  If you just need access to a decent chunk of cash for a short period of time, then we’re happy to help you.

We have a friendly team of financial and property specialists that can process your application quickly and get funds transferred to your account, usually within 48 hours.

Getaway Equity

Here’s how our simple 5 step process works:

  • Apply online by filling out the contact form below
  • Have a quick chat with our lending team to discuss your business borrowing needs and your exit strategy.
  • Provide details about your collateral property including any loans over it currently.
  • We arrange for a valuation of your property, prepare the loan documentation and have you approve them.
  • Funds are transferred to your account ASAP so you can get on with business.

It’s all part of providing a comprehensive service that can help you out of a tight spot or give you the cash you need to take advantage of opportunities that have come your way.

Gateway Finance offers loans to businesses and individuals who are in this very position. We understand that the recent financial turmoil generally has forced many people and businesses into a “bad” credit position. We appreciate that a “second chance” is worthwhile to allow a business some much needed short term funding to allow it to develop and prosper. For individuals, short-term financing may allow investment in a business opportunity, or facilitate a necessary life-style change or home improvement.

If your business needs the flexibility of working capital to allow you to continue operating, the caveat loans in Australia that we provide will give you short term financing while your business puts in place the long term funding mechanisms as needed. With loans from $10,000 to $150,000 plus, Gateway Equity will work with you to provide the best solution for your business, and put in place the financing as quickly as possible to meet your business needs.

GatewayEquity provide short term business loans and caveat loans in Australia. Get an appraisal today for your caveat loan.

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