Fly with Colors and Variations to the Desert State

This article gives detailed festivals that are taking place during the season times at Rajasthan. If you have to witness the magic of the festivals and events then this state is the most apt location. Travel and explore the most colorful and beautiful state with the rituals and traditions.

Hawa Mahal Jaipur

Hawa Mahal Jaipur

Most of the parts and cities of Rajasthan is filled with the marvelous and beautiful forts and enchanting building s of the past. These monuments have special importance with each and every structures present in this wonderful state. The festivals and fairs organized in many of the districts of Rajasthan with very bright and colorful attitude.

The colorful Pushkar Fair              

  • A sacred land to the Hindus, located in the banks of the Pushkar Lake is this majestic city of Pushkar. This city houses the only Brahma temple in the world, with visitors from all over the world every year coming to his temple to seek the blessing of the creator God.
  • The other most important feature of this magic city of Pushkar is the Pushkar Camel fair. This is one of the largest and oldest cattle fair that is held in the world.
  • This cattle fair is held at this conjunction with the holy festival with more than hundreds people selling camels, horses, bulls, cows etc.
  • This is held during the month of October / November with people gathering from all over the world. More than over 330 million deities of Hinduism from all around the world will be present in the lake of Pushkar.

Jaisalmer Golden Desert festival

  • This is also called as the winter festival. With the sands and colorful feast around this city all long the year makes the city of Jaisalmer come alive with large and vivid colors, music and laughter.
  • The Desert Festival marks the celebration with many events such as snake charmers, puppeteers, acrobats and folk performers.
  • Also the events like Mr & Miss Desert, moustache competition, turban tying competition make this festival more interesting. The end of the festival will be with sky brightening fireworks display.

Fascinating Nagaur Fair         

  • The bustling Nagaur comes alive during this beautiful festival with blistering events happening everyday to make the pace of the festival going on. The cattle fair that takes place in this district is one of the highlighting events during this Nagur fair.
  • Several exciting games that are held to make this successful and entertainment is tug of war, camel races create a joyful atmosphere.
  • This quaint and color town of Nagaur gives the picture of the perfect village effect that ensures the tradition of Rajasthan to be portrayed in the most beautiful manner.
  • The Rajasthani men can be spotted with colorful turbans and long moustaches are very common during this festival. The Wooden items, hand crafted products, iron crafts; leather accessories will be available during this fair.

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