Five Big Data predictions to watch in 2017

The big data is increasing and many organizations know the main role that it plays in their success.  The market has emerged from the last year and more and more people want to learn new projects related to big data to follow the optimal path to their dream roles. One thing is for sure that big data tenders challenge and opportunity in equal measure. But what will happen in 2020, what big data trends will be there in the coming months and how data analytics will change all industries.


ng>Let’s take a look at these major predictions for 2020:

The scope of Hadoop will grow in the coming times

A Java-based programming framework used to process enormous data stacks, Hadoop is the core of every other Big Data technologies. It is a powerful feature and can access data from an array of sources encompassing HBase, Cassandra, Mesos and HDFS. Hadoop is successful in healthcare and scores of hospitals are using it to work efficiently with Big Data. It also helps removes the challenges faced by the healthcare industry. Some of the other benefits that organizations getting with the help of Hadoop are evaluating life threatening risks, preventing hardware failure, discovering warning signs of security breaches and more.

Demand for data scientists will increase in 2020

As per, data scientists’ jobs in different industries will grow hugely. Candidates must prepare themselves to face oodles of challenges and stay ahead of the trends. Data scientists are the highest paid professionals among others in the IT industry. Engaging tutorials available online can help aspirants grasp the essential concepts of Data Science. There are a variety of courses that tender information on the latest changes and updates in the industry.

More small organizations will take advantage of Big Data

Small and big companies can get a fuller image of their customer due to big data.  With any business process that produces data, this enables big data to come into play by optimizing business process and everyday operations. Many are already implementing to see where they are going wrong, understand customer’s feedback to the strategies and position themselves in the industry. Eventually, big data will be used by small or mid-size companies to boost the way things are trained, used and done from what the competition is carrying out.

Impact of Machine learning

This year we will witness a rise in the integration of Machine learning. In 2020, Machine learning talent will persist at full speed. More approaches and challenges will generate media interest. It is a small part of artificial intelligence. Another prediction is reasoning and planning under uncertainty will cover the way to better pattern recognition. Meanwhile, Organizations will slowly learn to trust predictions as they realize that algorithm can work in scores of tasks.

The rising speed of internet will contribute to big data

As organizations participate to get more customers, drive more growth and have big data techniques, the increased popularity of internet is testimony to this trend. Countries all over the globe are coming up with new solutions to have faster and better connections. More individuals have internet connection, more devices are connected. The result is superb in the growth of Big Data. And it will continue on a rising path for several years.

Big Data predictions can be really exciting, but they must pay off for the organizations. This is certain; coming years will see a rapid transformation of big data technologies and its impactful business outcomes. Successfully managing the challenges help in running a business in today’s world gathering big rewards for loads.



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