Fashion Increases With the Economy of the City

The Indian economy is growing day by day as the fashion of this country. Many cities of India have adopted the fashion and made livelier for the people to have a better economic process in the city. The fashion center of these cities has also increased. : Excellence in Indian ethnic wear : Excellence in Indian ethnic wear


The capital city of Gujarat and a largest in India and a metro city, it also has larger economic rates. With all these the fashion hub of the city is also increasing.


Chandigarh, a perfectly planned city in India which is highly a fashion hub with day by day increase in the economy of the city. It is also one of the cleanest city in India and richest city with largely varying fashion industry.


Chennai is one of the most populous metropolitan cities and the capital of Tamil Nadu and serves as a major sector in the Information technology. Along with fashion, computers, automobile and medical industries Chennai is the fastest growing cities in India.


Capital city of Andhra Pradesh and one of the populous cities in India. It is a city of pearls and a major center of IT industry and many pharmaceutical companies. Hyderabad International airport is reported as the world’s fifth best airport.


Jaipur, capital of Rajasthan and known as ‘pink city’ is a city that reflects royalty and has a major business development process. The fashion is most importantly highlighted in this city with the export of gold, diamond and stones


The center of commercial and financial industries and stock exchange is this ancient city of Kolkata. It is popular metropolitan with several trade and companies like Bata India, ITC Limited, Birla Corporation, others have headquarters there. This has increased the economy of the city as well along with the fashion trends.


Pune, a highly respected and a peaceful living metro city in the state of Maharashtra with tremendously growing industries and technology. The educational facilities and are well established with the buildings, glass, sugar industries present. The trend of fashion is at the peak for the people of Pune.


The highly fashionable city and also called as the city of dreams. This city is highly economic to stay in this city with the best metro in India with the best facilities provided by the government. Mumbai is also the center of Hindi movie industry.

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