Fact About Narilatha/Liyathambara Flower Plant

I am sure you will be surprise to see this flower in the form of a nude woman. This is Narilatha Hindi means flower in the shape of a lady said to grows in the lowland rain forests, not an endemic. It is really very difficult to believe it but according to some this is real and grows in the hilly slopes of Himalayas in India.

It is also called Liyathambara flower that may found in Sri Lanka has nude woman shape like Narilatha flower according to picture.

Narilatha Flower

Narilatha Flower

Liyathambara Flower

Liyathambara Flower

Narilatha Mala Tree

Narilatha or Liyathambara

There are some Blog, Facebook postings, Flickr pictures, Google images that claim this is the actual flower or fruit of the Narilatha or Liyathambara tree. While people said that this is fake plastic tree for sure, only three photos of it are available online. May be the person who clicks the picture was working in drama or move and it will be part of the act because there is not any real video available of the tree and also it is not exist in Wikipedia too.

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