Facebook and United State President Barack Obama

Obama facebook pages

Obama Facebook Pages

Barack Obama’s victory in the U.S. presidential election continues to analyze raisons. Dans the last days of the siege of Barack Obama’s campaign in Chicago, intimidating a figure emerged from the database.

States affect the results of less than 29 years is final voters. To help young people focus on the campaign was in a critical situation. However, the solution of the Obama team was present as a Facebook application.

More than one million Obama supporters to join the campaign on the monkey were digital. These people use their Facebook friends list allowed. These names are not phones, 85 percent of them have been in contact with your friends. The Obama campaign digital director Teddy Gough points out, people do not trust polls. They do not trust the media.

But they tend to trust their friends. Obama supporters that managers monkeys pressing a button to share with your friends online content specifically requested. More than six million of the 50 million members contact friends.

Changes in voter behavior were recorded during the first trial. People have asked their friends on Facebook to vote, they were more likely to voter.2 What happened in 12 years.

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