Exam Preparation Industrial Clerks in Germany

Industrial clerks work in companies of all industries with commercial and business responsibilities such as materials management, sales and marketing, human resources, finance, and accounting. The industrial clerk is a 3-year recognized occupation in industry and trade. The training also takes place in the craft.
Exam Structure

That’s what your training company wishes for:

  • Usually a higher degree like the high school diploma
  • Knowledge of common office programs
  • Commercial thinking and economic understanding
  • Good grades in mathematics, economics, German and English

Every day the same monotonous processes again? Wrong! In your apprenticeship as an industrial clerk, you will get to know all areas of the company from scratch. You pass through the various commercial departments of your training company in order to get to know all the areas of activity of industrial clerks.

In your apprenticeship as an industrial clerk, you are the link between production and administration and therefore get to know and understand the entire production processes of the product range. So you not only know the quality assurance of the products in the company office but also know about the logistics chain, including transport carriers and equipment.

In purchasing, you will rather deal with the needs assessment for the disposition and execution of orders. Here you are sometimes in the camp on the road and get to know the structure and process of operational inventory management. The support of goods receiving and storage can fall into your area of ​​expertise.

In sales, you will learn how to accept, process and follow-up orders. An important element here is controlling, where you take over the cost planning and control. It can also include compiling price lists or negotiating with customers. So you experience what it means to act commercially. Not an easy task, which involves a lot of calculation and calculation work. Does the sight of an Excel spreadsheet put you sweat on the forehead, is the job of the industrial clerk/woman therefore rather not for you.

But the exam for industrial clerk is really not easy. Therefore, we have provided a video course on our online learning platform explaining all the important topics for this vocational training. It is important to us that all topics are quick and easy to understand. Even if you have missed a lot at school.


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