Do You Wish To Have A Safe Journey In Dubai?

Dubai is the best country to travel and also if you opt to travel there are some of the guidelines to be followed. You can rather say it is not safe or can say have to follow lots of rules. If you are ready to follow the limitations and the rules that are formed, then Dubai welcomes you!!

Dubai Visa

Have A Premium Health Insurance

Making a secure travel is the best and ultimate option. Try to have insurance that covers all your travel while you are in Dubai. Just in case you had met some of the medical issues in Dubai you can cover up with this.

Beware Of Your Dubai Visa

The Visas To Dubai depend on different category. The citizens from other countries have lot of formalities and at the initial stage they can take the Tourist Visa upon arrival. Other citizens must have the visa from the time of arrival along with the sufficient documents.

Hard For Our Own Driving

If your travel is through any of the public transport, you can have a hassle free touring at this beautiful city. Most of the destinations in Dubai are well connected by the public transport and this can make your travel comfortable. Unless you have a valid international driving license you cannot hit the roads.

Be Careful With Your Photography

Always be aware of the photographs you take. You are not supposed to take photographs with any unknown persons, while traveling without their permission. Only if the photographs are permitted to be taken at the public areas it should be done. Clicks of the government buildings, airports, docks, military installations and Muslim woman should be avoided.

Avoid Alcohol In Public

Alcohol is not banned in Dubai, but you cannot consume it in public and have to be careful and drunken driving is strictly prohibited. Since you are tourist you can buy Alcohol from any Duty Free Shops and local liquor store but not more than four bottles should be in your hand and should have an alcohol license.

Some of the other things that you are not supposed o do in Dubai are, Avoid Drugs, Avoid Public Affection with any person, Proper way of Money Exchanges to be used, Decent Dress code to be followed.

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