DLF IPL 2013 – 2014 Schedule

IPL the Indian Premier League cricket tournament is starting from 3rd April 2020 to 26th May 2020. IPL T20 lovers who are waiting for this tournament are very excited for this series. Everything would happen in IPL like fun, fight, dance, celebrities, cricketers, cheer girls, boundaries, sixes, hat-rick and super over. So be ready to enjoy this worth tournament.

IPL 2020 Schedule

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DATE DAY TIME Team 1 Team 2 Location
3-Apr-14 Wednesday 8:00 PM KKR DD Kolkata
4-Apr-14 Thursday 8:00 PM RCB MI Bengaluru
5-Apr-14 Friday 8:00 PM SH PWI Hyderabad
6-Apr-14 Saturday 4:00 PM DD RR Delhi
6-Apr-14 Saturday 8:00 PM CSK MI Chennai
7-Apr-14 Sunday 4:00 PM PWI KXIP Pune
7-Apr-14 Sunday 8:00 PM SH RCB Hyderabad
8-Apr-14 Monday 8:00 PM RR KKR Jaipur
9-Apr-14 Tuesday 8:00 PM MI DD Mumbai
10-Apr-14 Wednesday 8:00 PM KXIP CSK Mohali
11-Apr-14 Thursday 4:00 PM RCB KKR Bengaluru
11-Apr-14 Thursday 8:00 PM PWI RR Pune
12-Apr-14 Friday 8:00 PM DD SH Delhi
13-Apr-14 Saturday 4:00 PM MI PWI Mumbai
13-Apr-14 Saturday 8:00 PM CSK RCB Chennai
14-Apr-14 Sunday 4:00 PM KKR SH Kolkata
14-Apr-14 Sunday 8:00 PM RR KXIP Jaipur
15-Apr-14 Monday 8:00 PM CSK PWI Chennai
16-Apr-14 Tuesday 4:00 PM KXIP KKR Mohali
16-Apr-14 Tuesday 8:00 PM RCB DD Bengaluru
17-Apr-14 Wednesday 4:00 PM PWI SH Pune
17-Apr-14 Wednesday 8:00 PM RR MI Jaipur
18-Apr-14 Thursday 8:00 PM DD CSK Delhi
19-Apr-14 Friday 8:00 PM SH KXIP Hyderabad
20-Apr-14 Saturday 4:00 PM KKR CSK Kolkata
20-Apr-14 Saturday 8:00 PM RCB RR Bengaluru
21-Apr-14 Sunday 4:00 PM DD MI Delhi
21-Apr-14 Sunday 8:00 PM KXIP PWI Mohali
22-Apr-14 Monday 8:00 PM CSK RR Chennai
23-Apr-14 Tuesday 4:00 PM RCB PWI Bengaluru
23-Apr-14 Tuesday 8:00 PM KXIP DD Mohali
24-Apr-14 Wednesday 8:00 PM KKR MI Kolkata
25-Apr-14 Thursday 8:00 PM CSK SH Chennai
26-Apr-14 Friday 8:00 PM KKR KXIP Kolkata
27-Apr-14 Saturday 4:00 PM RR SH Jaipur
27-Apr-14 Saturday 8:00 PM MI RCB Mumbai
28-Apr-14 Sunday 4:00 PM CSK KKR Chennai
28-Apr-14 Sunday 8:00 PM DD PWI Delhi
29-Apr-14 Monday 4:00 PM RR RCB Jaipur
29-Apr-14 Monday 8:00 PM MI KXIP Mumbai
30-Apr-14 Tuesday 8:00 PM PWI CSK Pune
1-May-14 Wednesday 4:00 PM SH MI Hyderabad
1-May-14 Wednesday 8:00 PM DD KKR Delhi
2-May-14 Thursday 4:00 PM CSK KXIP Chennai
2-May-14 Thursday 8:00 PM PWI RCB Pune
3-May-14 Friday 8:00 PM KKR RR Kolkata
4-May-14 Saturday 4:00 PM SH DD Hyderabad
4-May-14 Saturday 8:00 PM RCB KXIP Bengaluru
5-May-14 Sunday 4:00 PM MI CSK Mumbai
5-May-14 Sunday 8:00 PM RR PWI Jaipur
6-May-14 Monday 8:00 PM RCB SH Bengaluru
7-May-14 Tuesday 4:00 PM RR DD Jaipur
7-May-14 Tuesday 8:00 PM MI KKR Mumbai
8-May-14 Wednesday 8:00 PM SH CSK Hyderabad
9-May-14 Thursday 4:00 PM KXIP RR Mohali
9-May-14 Thursday 8:00 PM PWI KKR Pune
10-May-14 Friday 8:00 PM DD RCB Delhi
11-May-14 Saturday 4:00 PM PWI MI Pune
11-May-14 Saturday 8:00 PM KXIP SH Mohali
12-May-14 Sunday 4:00 PM KKR RCB Ranchi
12-May-14 Sunday 8:00 PM RR CSK Jaipur
13-May-14 Monday 4:00 PM DD KXIP Delhi
13-May-14 Monday 8:00 PM MI SH Mumbai
14-May-14 Tuesday 8:00 PM KKR PWI Ranchi
15-May-14 Wednesday 4:00 PM CSK DD Chennai
15-May-14 Wednesday 8:00 PM MI RR Mumbai
16-May-14 Thursday 8:00 PM KXIP RCB Dharamsala
17-May-14 Friday 8:00 PM SH RR Hyderabad
18-May-14 Saturday 4:00 PM KXIP MI Dharamsala
18-May-14 Saturday 8:00 PM PWI DD Pune
19-May-14 Sunday 4:00 PM RCB CSK Bengaluru
19-May-14 Sunday 8:00 PM SH KKR Hyderabad

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