The Way Coupons Are Changing Your Shopping Trends

What previously used to be small piece of yellow or pink slip of paper used in school/college/office canteens or food queues for any event, functions today decides the way we shop online! Yes, the word here is coupons. And considering the fact that the world is swearing by coupons, one can say that its “coupon-mania” that the online shoppers are delightfully afflicted by. Check-out the deals, discounts and promo coupon codes in websites like HappySale and you’ll know what we are talking about!

Recently, the prominence of coupons and the fabulous deals that come with the package have changed the shopping trends in a huge way! Here’s how.

Coupons Are Changing Your Shopping Trends

1.   Online shopping rules: In the recent times, there has been a shift in online shopping for nearly most products, from books, dresses, medical devices, electrical gadgets, household appliances and other lifestyle goods. Customers today prefer to place their orders online than, make use of coupons and get a discount than walking into a mall and getting no discount.

The fact that online shopping forums have opened up many channels to make use of coupons is what is making the non-online shoppers to gradually shift their shopping base to online.

2. Purchase of groceries and food online: Even with online shopping gaining prominence, people still preferred to get their groceries from the physical stores, as everyone wanted fresh produce. But in a recent survey that was conducted by Brick Meets Click, which is a grocery consulting form across 12,000 grocery shoppers, the results indicated that about 41% of shoppers preferred purchasing getting their groceries online.

Also these 41% happily call themselves active users and are keen to repeat their online grocery shopping in another 90 days as well! And as they shop for groceries online, they all have the chances of making use of promo coupon codes for discounts and attractive cash back offers. In addition to that, with sites like Foodpanda, today there’s provision to earn discounts in food and restaurant bills.

3. Exclusive availability of mobile devices online: The mobile makers in the recent times seem to have been making great use of online coupons and discount offers. Mobile devices like Redmi Note 3 and the recently launched Moto E3 is available exclusively on online shopping forums like Flipkart. This is what has made the online shoppers to make their mobile device purchases mostly online than a retail store these days in order to enjoy attractive discounts.

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4. People want to save money: It’s rightly said that any service or product offering brings about a change in the shopping and customer demand trends. The advent as well as the prominence of coupons have inculcated in new age online shoppers to shop more and save more simultaneously.

And when making use of the promo codes and the coupon deals this is possible for anything between fashion apparels to dry fruits online, the average customers is looking forward to various means to save money as he/she shops online today.

 There are other subtle changes as well! However, these are the prominent changes coupons have resulted amidst online shoppers

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  1. Sael says:

    great info on coupons, I think lot of online shoppers in India arent aware of how to find the right deals and use them. A lot of number of online deals are usually month before big festivals or in slag season and thats why you need to plan your shopping and save a lot of money through cash back and offers

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