Chronic Kidney Stage 1 – Symptoms and Treatment

What are the symptoms and treatment of Chronic Kidney stage 1?
Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is the condition in which patient’s kidney fails to filter the waste from the body. The symptoms of this condition don’t always show at once but rather progress over a period of time. But, it is easier to detect Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 1 with the help of proper diagnosis and can be cured easily as it is still at the initial stages. There are many methods of curing this disease but the best solution is to go for age old practice of Ayurveda.
Chronic Kidney stage 1
Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 1, Symptoms And Ayurvedic Treatment

In total there are 4 stages in a chronic kidney disease and it is important to detect it and get it treated in initial stages. At Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 1 the most affected phase is Glomerular filtration rate from normal to high level. Usually, you can’t detect any problem in the kidneys as they functional at normal rates. After the diagnosis, if the creatinine level in the blood is higher, in that case it clearly indicates the problem in the blood. The common causes of CKD are diabetes, hypertension, glomerulonephritis and a high blood-sugar level.

Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 1, And Natural Ayurvedic Treatment

The most common symptoms at Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 1, often add to other illness such as fibromyalgia, chronic, fatigue and flu. Other signs that are commonly visible are feeling tired, weak, a loss of appetite, insomnia, nausea, and swelling in different parts of the body such as feet and ankles. Patients that suffer from CKD and cardiovascular disease tend to have significantly worse projections in later stages. The patients of middle and old age are most likely to have a higher blood pressure and diabetes.

Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 1 can be treated with Ayurveda. The practice of Ayurveda is seen to be better than allopathic treatment due to the use of the natural herbs. Ayurveda stands on the belief that kidney cells can be revived completely on its own with the use of certain herbs. The most common herbs that are used during the treatment of Ayurveda are Kaasni, Bhumi Amla, Punarnava, Varun, Gokshur, Shirish, Shigru and Apamarg. Each has its own herbal quality and together they work on healing the parts of the diseased kidney. They have completely no side effects and should be taken exactly according to the direction of an experienced physician.

Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 1, Diet Plan And Natural Ayurvedic Treatment

Along with taking these Ayurvedic medicines, a patient suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 1 should eat a healthy diet. There are certain diet products like a variety of grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, low saturated fat, low cholesterol and adequate calorie that one should intake. While, other sodium, processed food, protein intake should be limited to a healthy level.

It is important to be self-vigilant in maintaining your health and should get it diagnosed, if the symptoms are felt. It is better to get treated during Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 1 as kidneys can be treated more easily and without much pain. Ayurvedic medicines can be taken to cure the symptoms but before that one must consult an Ayurveda practitioner for your exact condition. A lifestyle change, regular exercise, and timely Ayurvedic medicines can save you from any further damage and rejuvenate your kidneys.

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