Check Out For the New 2014 Alfa Romeo 4c

The 2020 Alfa Romeo 4c is the new thing in the web. This beauty first appeared as a concept car back at the Geneva auto show in 2011. Now the real deal is on and it is scheduled to be released officially at the same venue and the specs pretty much hug the outward look of the car. Its specs will most definitely get you thinking about how to apply for a driving license.

Check Out For the New 2020 Alfa Romeo 4c

Exterior design

The 2020 Alfa Romeo 4c is 13feet feet long, About 157.7 inches and has a short height from chassis to the roof of 46.5 inches and a wheel base of about 7.9 inches. It is 78.8 inches wide and its sleek sexy Italian sporty design is purely of carbon fiber. It is estimated to weigh less than 1870 pounds due to the application of the carbon fiber body upgrades.

Its head lights are Bi-LED which makes it terribly astounding. The roof structures and crush support are made of aluminum. It also has a mid-rear wheel drive engine design which aids in bringing down its weight and preventing fluidity of the car.

Great complementary colors to this beauty would be red or white which give out its real elegance.

Other great exterior stuff are:

  • Alloy rims
  • Spider’s-eye headlights


This Alfa Romeo was not just built to impress on the outward but with an elegant interior it will captivate the sport car fanatics. It will definitely also have impacts on the American market where Alfa Romeo is making a comeback.

The dashboard of this lady is made in a stunning business like design. All the controls are canted toward the driver’s seat to offer the maximum feel of control.

The interior colors are very nicely incorporated to match with the exterior colors. In it you will find the exterior colors patched to the steering wheel, the mats and hand brake and the seats.

The Italian leather seats curve inwards so that they hug your back such that you fit in just perfectly as you face the elegant dashboard.

The pedals on this Alfa Romeo 4c are pure aluminum and shine elegantly from under there.

Other great interior features are:

  • Flat-bottomed steer wheel
  • A classy speedometer


This is where all the power and torque comes from. In this house, the 2020 Alfa 4c uses a direct injection turbocharged 1.8-liter four-cylinder aluminum engine which will make 240 hp and 258 lb ft torque. Though this is a known fact, the total engine’s power is still a mystery to us. It is also known that this engine can catapult the 2020 Alfa Romeo 4c from a 0 speed to 60mph in less than 6 seconds. Its top speed is estimated to 155mph.

Man oeuvre

The 2020 Alfa Romeo 4c’s power house will be fused to an Alfa TCT dual-clutch and gearbox which will have its shift-paddles on the steering veer and new Alfa Romeo DNA selector with supplementary ‘Race’ mode. Alfa Romeo indicates that the new 2020 4c will be able to accommodate up to 1.1 g side speeding on corners and bends and 1.25 g of braking force.

Market challenge

This new beauty and also beast has an impact on the current market. It is viewed as a great force reckoning with the Porsche Cayman and the Ferrari sport cars. It will have a price range of 60,000$ to 70,000$.


The main thing that will get you wanting this car and also want to apply for a driving license is the outward sporty elegant look, the engine’s power, the classy interior and plus it is a new car in the market.

This Alfa Romeo should definitely be a car worth the effort to renew driving licence and enjoy drive to dream vehicle of many.

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