CAT 2014: What Role does the Mock Tests Have?

Cat Exam 2020The number of candidates that appears in CAT is going up each year and they compete for the top B-schools in India. Hence, it becomes very important to blend the hard work with smart work and attain the desired percentile. Mock Tests is one such way that polishes the candidate and prepares for the upcoming exam. Let us see how mock tests can help you crack CAT-2020.

The Common Admission Test (CAT) that is conducted every year tests the candidates on a lot of parameters. The skills and abilities are tested on sections like verbal ability, logical and analytical reasoning, quantitative aptitude and data interpretation. Other than the four parameters, time plays a very crucial role as CAT is all about maximizing your efforts in a given span of time.

Preparing for CAT 2020 will include a lot of planning before starting the actual preparation. It is important to plan your preparation right for CAT 2020. Before the mock tests come into picture, there are some other things that need attention for going right for the upcoming CAT 2020. Listing the things that should catch attention of the candidates:

  • Know Yourself: The first and most important step towards the successful completion of CAT 2020 is analyzing your strengths and weaknesses and accordingly start working upon them.
  • A thorough research of the syllabus and pattern about the exam can help in deciding the actual time required for preparation.
  • Know the competition: With lakhs of students appearing each year, it is important to get an idea about the competition. Joining a study center that helps in preparing for CAT is a good way in analyzing the competition.
  • Time Management: Time is a key factor that plays role in CAT preparation. Preparing a well-timed schedule and following it rigorously is a key strategy that can help you crack the exam.
  • Know the world around all year long. Keeping a check on the current affairs all year long is going to be great help.
  • On completing the syllabus for all the four sections talked above, it’s time for practice. Never think you have had enough.

What can Mock Tests do for you?

Mock tests as defined are the practice tests before the actual exam. Though, they carry no marks but they are as important as the main exam. The mocks prepare you for the upcoming exams and let you understand the level of preparation. They help in analyzing the weak points and which points require more effort.

The fact that these tests have gained significant importance is that these help in understanding the pressure of real exams and in turn give time to prepare much well. The tests give the opportunity to a candidate to plan the exam well in advance and lay a proper approach towards the upcoming main paper.

PrepareMock Tests: Critically Important

There are a lot of common mistakes that a candidate is expected to make in the pressurized situation of an exam. The common mistakes include:

  • Incomplete Paper
  • Mistakes in reading the question
  • Not managing the exam in the given span of time

For an exam as important as CAT, these mistakes can turn the tables against you. Well-designed mock tests give you opportunities to overcome these mistakes and achieve something high in life.  A mock test lets you

  • Review your performance
  • Implement the changes required
  • Plan accordingly
  • Improve
  • Reflect the improvement on the main exam day

Well, there is nothing that can beat hard work when preparing for an exam. With hard work it is required to understand the pressure and panic that can be created on the exam day. Mock tests are a very well designed way of understanding this pressure and working towards it. When preparing for CAT 2020, remember ‘practice makes a man perfect.

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