Best Courses to Learn in Covid19 Lockdown

The implementation of lockdown measures across a significant part of the globe because of the coronavirus pandemic has prompted a huge number of individuals to stay inside as much as possible.

While lockdown measures are crucial for stopping the spread of COVID-19, they have left people wondering how to fill their new-found free time. Online courses are a perfect way to keep you engaged and active during this lockdown period – and SM Consultant has a tremendous range of courses on digital marketing to keep you busy.

Best Courses to Learn in Covid19 Lockdown

Most of these courses are fairly technical. You can also pick up a high tech course like an oracle.

We have made a list of the best courses that you should consider learning in the covid19 lockdown :

Backlinking Strategy and Process Training

Backlinking strategies are an important part of digital marketing as they help in improving the traffic of the website, reputation, and even relationships. Google believes that backlinking strategies are a major factor in increasing the ranking of a website. In this course of Backlinking Strategy and Process Training, we will comprehend the basics of backlinks, how to build backlinks, risk tolerance, what are the rules for building quality backlinks and avoiding backlinks on tier one. Then, we will move onto ways to grow the site’s authority, grey hat backlinks, how to build foundational backlinks and power backlinks. Go ahead and start exploring!

Email Marketing Training

Email marketing is a form of marketing in which commercial messages about products, services, or anything are sent to a group of people through email to increase the sale or traffic of the website. This marketing strategy is very simple and cost-effective. It is one of the most relevant marketing strategies because more people use email than social media and if it is implemented correctly it can increase your income exponentially. The course of email marketing introduces you to content strategy of email market, email frequency, fuel, triggers in the email using 4Ps, sequence of email triggers, and moving onto email marketing tools and software, email software analysis, email A/B testing, variant strategy and so on. Hurry Up! Start with us now.

Google Search Console – Webmaster Training

Google Search Console is an SEO service provided by Google through which we can monitor, manage, and troubleshoot the performance of our website. It helps in monitoring the traffic, optimizing the website for better ranking in Google, and analyzing SEO impact.  It also tests the speed of the site and monitors the healthy operation of the website. The course of Google Search Console builds your foundation of SEO, Google Webmaster Guidelines, Search appearance, rich card, data highlighter, and then we will move onto HTML improvements, accelerated mobile pages, search analytics, desktop usability, and so on. Stop waiting! Enroll now.

Inbound Marketing Training

Inbound marketing is a marketing approach in which we generate leads, customers, and visitors to our website or brand instead of using the method of cold calling or paid advertising, we use some tools of content creation, SEO, driving traffic, email marketing, lead nurturing, and analytics to attract the audience to the website. Using this course, you will comprehend the fundamentals of inbound marketing, and then you will go through the stuff like planning a long-term content strategy, creating a blog post, creating a topic cluster and pillar pages, understanding conversions, and understanding lead nurturing. Hurry Up! Join us now.

Manage Web Hosting & C-Panel Training

This course provides a comprehensive guide on how to manage web hosting and C-panel. Using this course, you will learn what is web hosting and how to host a website. You will set the groundwork for knowledge expansion by learning about the domain name, choosing the right domain name, C-panel overview, how to login into C-panel, how to create an email account, how to access webmail, basics of email forwarder and file manager, how to create an FTP account and a subdomain, redirects, and website stats. This course is for anyone who wants to learn web hosting and C-Panel. This course culminates in various hands-on exercises that challenge students to implement the concepts they learn. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start exploring!

Mobile Marketing Training

Mobile marketing is a form of digital marketing in which we promote our products through cell phones, smartphones, and tablets. This course helps you to understand how mobile phones are bringing change in business and what you can do about it. Using the course of mobile marketing, you will comprehend why mobile marketing is critical for success, leveraging key mobile display marketing tools, and mobile marketing tools. Further, you will move onto usability, and building your mobile presence. Stop waiting! Start with us now.

Search Engine Marketing Training

Search Engine Marketing is a form of internet marketing using which we promote our website by increasing its visibility in the search engine with the help of paid advertising. In this course of Search Engine Marketing, you will understand the overview of Google Adwords, how to set up and create an account in Google Adwords, explore the dashboard of Google Adwords, various bidding and billing strategies, and then you will move onto AdServer, how to create a campaign, AdGroups and Keywords, bidding strategy, AdsType, targeting methods, and conversions. Hurry Up! Go ahead and enjoy the learning experience.

Search Engine Optimization Training

Search Engine Optimization is an approach using which we improve our website and increase the number of visitors to gain a higher ranking in search engine results.  The course of Search Engine Optimization introduces you to an overview of Search Engine Optimization, keywords that are the foundation of SEO, how search engine and people view pages, and content optimization. Further, we will move onto long-term content planning, link building basics, creating link bait, the link game, measuring the effectiveness of SEO, and at last concept of local search.

Social Media Marketing Training

This course introduces you to Social Media Marketing – a form of internet marketing that involves building a brand, promoting goods and services, increasing the brand’s visibility, and creating brand awareness through social media. Using this course, you will understand the basics of social media marketing, how to plan for social media marketing, how to create and market through blogs, how to create podcasts and webinars and moving onto marketing through sharing of photos and videos, marketing through microblogging, marketing with mobile computing and location-based social network, monitoring of social media, and so on. Go ahead and visit SM Consultant now to start this wonderful journey.

Web Analytics Training

Web Analytics is a method of collecting, analyzing, and reporting data to understand the behavior of the users of the website and optimize its usage. In this course of Web Analytics, you are going to learn about the basics of analytics and its role in an organization, data summarization and pivot tables, analytical techniques for business intelligence, and so on. Hurry Up! Start with us now.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t let this quarantine period stop you from improving yourselves.

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