Best Apps for Find People to Do Your Laundry for You

There is one work in the world which nobody loves to do, and it is laundry.

The world is getting techie, there have been lots of technological advancements. You have so many options available in today’s date for getting your laundry work done. You just need to use your smartphone and you are just a click away from getting your laundry work done for you. There are various kinds of apps available, right on your smartphone screen for getting your laundry work done. These apps provides you with services of pick up and dropping off your laundry for you, and you don’t have to carry a heavy basket of clothes for doing the alundry work. These apps might not be cheap, but these apps saves you a lot of time, and the time you save of the laundry work, you can utilize that time for some creative works.

laundry app solution for andorid, iOS

BR laundry is the best app for getting your laundry work done. BR Laundry is the best on-emand laundry and dry-cleaning service from which you can manage delivery order online.

BR Laundry is the readymade laundry app solution available on iOS, Android and also website.

Features of the BR Laundry app:

  1. You can track about your laundry service.

2. BR Laundry app delivers your clothes on time.

3. The best laundry service which gives you 100% satisfaction.

4. You get the best experience of laundry service.

Working of the app-BR Laundry app:

  • The user signs up and request for the laundry service.
  • The request will reach to the admin panel.
  • The Admin will accept the request and will send request to the laundry man.
  • The laundry man will go and collect the clothes from the user who have requested for the laundry service.
  • When the clothes are collected, the laundry man does the work of clothes washing.
  • When the clothes are washed/dry cleaned, the clothes will be delivered to the user of the app who have requested for the laundry service.
  • Then the user will make payment for the service, either online payment or cash on delivery of the clothes.
  • When the user will request for the laundry service, a tracking ID will be provided to the user. In the whole process, the user can track about their laundry service processing status.

In this way, BR Laundry helps to get your laundry work done in fraction of seconds, and you can save your time. BR Softech also provides you with the laundry app source code for android, ios and web.

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