Top 6 Best Android Car Racing Games 2018

Watching rally sports, racing and playing racing games is always a passion for speed lovers they keep looking for new games and racing adventures. Google play store at the same time having variety of racing games for everyone. You will get car racing games, bike racing games or any kind or racing games. Combat racing is into trend these days, but it totally depends on what kind of speed lover are you here we are listing 6 best android car racing games you can find in 2020.

Clash for Speed:

Let’s begin with one of the latest combat racing games. Clash for speed is gaining much popularity in a very short span of its launch. It is a combat racing game where you need to crush all your competitors with no mercy to win the play this way you will get shields and heavy weapons on the way you will get NOS boosters because you need to focus on the speed as well. The best thing about this game is that you can design your own track and can put obstacle as per your choice. You can choose from the given templates to design your track beautifully.

Need for speed No limits:

Need for speed is also a well-known name when it comes to racing games. This time Need for speed has also become a combat racing game you need to rule the track with and can become ultimate winner after lots ofdrifting dragging and rolling. You will get to drive cars from the top most brands of the world which can also be customized with different interiors and exteriors. You can either go for a time trial or an open challenge.

Asphalt 8 Airborne:

Next pick in our list is from Gameloft. Some basic features of this game are that you can race offline controllers or handling are really good. You will love beautiful effects in the game especially when you drift the vehicle. Like other racing games you need to become the first to reach the ending line and for this you not only need to overtake your competitors, but you can also crush them or smash them. You can record your best moves and can share them as your story or as a post on any social networking platform. Airborne is the latest version of asphalt racing game.

Horizon Chase – World Tour:

If you are a peace lover and just want to take a world tour by simply becoming the first to reach the end line, then you can choose this game. You can choose from different cars and even you can drive a bus. Tracks are beautifully designed to give you the feel of driving through the best location of the world. There will be 20 other drivers on the same track. You need to go through steep turns and obstacles. On the way you will also get Nitro boosters to speed up your car.

Real Racing:

As you can understand by the name itself the game will give you the real feel of racing you can chose from the driver view or from the view outside the car. In the game you will find 39 circuits and 17 real world locations. On the way you will get Nitro boosters to speed your car up. The cherry on the cake is tracks resemble to real world tracks and cars also look like real world cars as they are already designed Keeping original modals of cars into site.

CSR Racing:

CSR car racing is having larger number of downloads because of high end car models in the game. You will get to drive Aston martin Lamborghini Bugatti etc. you will enjoy the race with tech tweaked dashboard and all the controller in your hand. It is also a must try game for speed lovers.

So, these were 6 best car racing games for android user so if you own an android device you must hands on them right now. Some of them are an amazing combination of action and speed especially in clash for speed you can design your own track which means your track your rules.

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