Basic Guidelines for Condo Approval Process

Living in your native country is like living in your home but when you go outside from your country to other place you have to walk according to that country or state’s rules. When the question comes about buying a property in other country or state then it becomes much important to know about the process and rules of buying property there like how do they get approved and many other processes.

It is not a simple task that you go in another state or country and simply buy property there. Suppose if you are going to buy a property somewhere then you have to do a lot of paper works. Here we are going to tell you about some basics of condo approval process.

Basic Guidelines for Condo Approval Process

Guidelines on condo approval process:

• First thing when you are going to buy a condo it is important for you to know under which association you are buying a condo. Different associations have different rules, requirements and criteria and your condo buying depends on an acceptance by a condo association.

• Every association has their terms and conditions and the one who is going to buy, he or she has to follow and abide by them.

• When parties including buyer and seller sign an executed contract, buyer should be aware of to get the condo documents, applications and other important papers with financial statements and others. It is good if you ask for upcoming assessments.

• You can also ask for a contact person in future if you want to know about any issue or specific question about the approval process. It can be whether a manger or a board member of a condo association to whom you can contact.

• If you are going to buy a condo and there is a condo board approval deadline then it is important for you that you submit complete application form, fee and other required documents in time provided you get your dream condo at the time rather than missing it because of deadline.

• Sometimes approval process takes longer time, so in this case you should extend the provision of purchase documentation provided you can save your deposits rather than losing them.

When you are going to buy a condo you need some documents that include information about certain points. They are as following below:

• Personal financial statements
• Tax returns statements
• Bank reference letters statements
• Personal reference letters statements
• Employment reference letters statements
• Photographs of pets and vehicles according to condo associations’ requirements
• Copy of executed purchase contract document
• Some associations also require a criminal background check and credit check.
• Buyers can be interviewed by a person or phone about condo approval
• Whether you get approved for Condo or denied, both statements are provided to you in written by condo association.

Above mentioned guidelines are basic guidelines that can help you in understanding about the condo purchasing process but you should know there are different condo associations that require and need different documents and also they have different terms and conditions for condos.

There are also different condos types. So it depends on you which one you want to purchase. Keep in mind that you should read every and each document before filling. If you do not understand certain terms and condition you can take the help of attorneys that help you what you should do and what should not. If you do every process properly, you can get your dream condo.

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