Andar Bahar Winning Formula | How to Win Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar Winning Strategy

Are you looking for tips and tricks for gambling on Andar Bahar? Then do not worry because we have got you all sorted out. It should be noted that playing the game is quite easy. You can learn how to play the game in a short amount of time, however, it is important to know some tips and tricks to actually win the game. Here, we are going to provide you with some of the essential information that you will need to know creating the Andar Bahar winning formula that would be unique for yourself. 

Andar Bahar Winning Formula | How to Win Andar Bahar in Casino

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Martingale Strategy in Andar Bahar

The Martingale Strategy in Andar Bahar betting is based on two principles. One principle is that when you lose a bet you double your next bet and the other principle is that when you win a bet then you decrease your next bet. This helps in improving your bankroll. Once your bankroll is maintained and improved that it increases your chances of winning in the longer run. 

The success rate for Andar Bahar betting through Martingale Strategy is fifty –fifty. It is the most common and the most popular strategy in Andar Bahar betting. People mostly only resort to this strategy as it has less loss and shown the most promising results over all. However, there are some variations that are observed in Martingale Strategy in Andar Bahar, those variations include Anti-Martingale Strategy and Grand Martingale Strategy. A brief description of both of the strategies are given below;

Grand Martingale Andar Bahar Strategy

The Grand Martingale Strategy follows the same pattern. When you lose a bet then you are advised to increase your next bet but by a certain amount. This will increase your chances to win after a few games and will also improve your bankroll. 

Anti-Martingale Andar Bahar Strategy

The Anti-Martingale Strategy in Andar Bahar formula for betting is one of the most risky strategies of all. Here, when the player loses a bet then they are advised to cut the next bet down and when they win a bet then they are advised to increase their next bet. This is the complete opposite of what happens in the Martingale Strategy in Andar Bahar. It is efficient for winning on small bets and it also improves your bankroll.

The Hot or Cold Strategy

The hot or cold strategy is not actually based on scientific facts, logic or any strong theory. It is based on chance, luck and institution. This theory states that a cold win happens when the unexpected side comes up suddenly and when some puts a cold bet and wins then they somehow start the streak for cold wins. A hot strategy is when someone follows and best on the winning pattern that is already going on. Both of these hot and cold winning streaks are unstable approaches however, their effects have been observed in the bets because of which you can apply these strategies and find out what is best for you. 

Andar Bahar Tips

Here are some tips for you to learn how to win Andar Bahar in casino.

Every time You Lose – Double Your Bets

The main thing that you should know while playing is that you should always double your bet every time you lose. This may sound a bit odd at first but us out, there is logic behind it. When you double your bet after every loss then your bankroll improves and this will in turn increase your chances of winning in the longer run. 

Make Small Bets

It is better if you start the game by making small bets. This way you would not lose big chunks of money in one go. Playing on a small level will also give you the chance to learn the game a bit. You can pick up tricks when you play safe. Making small bets will remove the fear of losing the bet and you could increase your chances of winning. 

Don’t forget to Manage Your Bankroll

It is very essential that you pay sufficient attention to your bankroll and keep it rolling. Maintaining your bankroll should be your first priority. Many people do not focus much on it once they get lost in the game. This will most probably come back later and cause inconveniences therefore, it is advised that you keep it in check while playing. 

Use the Side Bets

Using side bets while playing is a very profitable thing. This could help you in increasing your chances at winning as it provides you with a lot of practice and also you can earn points and cash on the side. You should always look at side bets and utilize them effectively. 

Beware of Scams

One of the most common things that most people fall prey to is scams. There are many people on the website that scam the people that are new to the online betting world. They can ask you for your personal information such as address, bank details, and other stuff which they can use later on to harm you or rob you. Therefore, it is advised to stay clear of such people. 

Andar Bahar Bets and Payouts

There are different types of game providers for online casinos that will provide you with various kinds of bets. The nature of your bet will depend upon the game provider that you choose. We have given you a table below which provides you information X1.9about various bets and their payouts.

41 or more Cards Dealt X120
36 – 40 Cards Dealt X50
31 – 35 Cards Dealt X25
26 – 30 Cards Dealt X15
11 – 15 Cards Dealt X5.5
16 – 25 Cards Dealt X4.5
6 – 10 Cards Dealt X4.5
1 – 5 Cards Dealt X3.5
Bahar X2
Andar X1.9

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