Advocacy for a Real Cause

“Working Hard is Not Good Enough” is a powerful book full of real life examples for people to garner significant insights in the way they think and execute. The book intelligibly explains that certain behaviours, competencies, some management methods, or a combination of some and maybe all if applied well can potentially lead to better outcomes.

Advocacy  for a real cause

The book lucidly summarizes the essence of raising a voice and advocating for a real cause and concern. TGC Prasad, author of “Working Hard is Not Good Enough” mentions 21st century as the one for advocacy and influencing. Present day advocacy calls for a strong ability to network with people in power to implement ideas and make the change. Sheer networking may not work out; influencing the people to spread the message of change is crucial. Advocacy unites people and communities to come to a single platform to raise their voice against inhumane situations and sufferings.

There are innumerable examples of people and social organizations working incessantly on human causes and inflictions. While citing advocacy at global level the book reflects Jody Williams, Nobel Peace prize winner, 1997. Jody worked for banning and clearing antipersonnel landmines with Bobby Muller, president of the Vietnam Veterans of American Foundation. She tirelessly worked with NGO’s and bureaucrats to spread the message of the long term ill effects of landmines on human lives. In October, 1992 the international campaign to ban landmines (ICBL) was launched and it called for a complete ban on use, production, trade and stock piling of landmines. The selfless efforts of Jordy culminated to about 160 nations signing the landmine ban treaty till date.

To excel in advocating a passionate cause, energy, perseverance, courage and ability are the seeds to be sown before one jump into it. A hard and fast strategy doesn’t rule. Different ideas may crop in individuals life and it rest on their shoulders to execute it to allure people join the sway for a good cause. Advocacy may not link to a solution but solution may emerge with awareness. The author reflected example of Amir Khan’s TV show “Satyamev Jayate”. Amir Khan raised a voice against India’s social issues prevalent since ages such as dowry, child labor, female foeticide and honor killings. The questions that the show poses to fellow human beings have lit the spark in one’s mind to help change India for better. Jai Ho!

The author mentions in the book “Advocacy is not easy as following a cause through its natural course comes with its own perils and needs courage to stand up to despite the brutalities of life,” and at this point he figures Malala for her unconquerable will and advocacy for a girl’s education amidst life threatening attempts. If people all over the world would raise voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying it would go miles to change the earth.

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