A Guide to Homeowners Insurance in Pennsylvania

Homeowners insurance may not be mandatory in the State of Pennsylvania, but it is extremely important if protecting your property is something that concerns you. Having a reputable insurance agent represent you in your search for home insurance in Pennsylvania is always wise, as they can inform you of the different policies and coverage available. They also work with some of the best insurance companies and are often able to get lower rates.

Homeowner Insurance in Pennsylvania

There are different policies for home insurance in Pennsylvania. It is always wise to be knowledgeable of what is available to you. This is also something your insurance agent can explain further.

  • Single Dwelling
  • Condominium
  • Tenants or Renters Policies
  • Homeowners Basic Form
  • Homeowners Broad Form
  • Homeowners Special Form
  • Tenants Homeowners or Cooperative
  • Homeowners Form 5
  • Condominium Homeowners Form
  • Homeowners Older Home Form
  • Important Limitation of Losses Resulting from Freezing
  • Flood Insurance

Find the insurance policy that best fits your situation and what coverage you feel will adequately cover your home and property.

Quick Explanation of Insurance Coverage

Dwelling Coverage- Protects the structure, built in appliances, and wall to wall carpet. Protects against vandalism, theft, fires and windstorms.

Condominium- Insures the property and what isn’t covered by the condominium association’s policy.

Homeowners Basic Form- Covers fire, lightening, windstorm, hail, theft, vandalism, damage caused by vehicles or explosions, smoke, volcanic, and civil commotion. It also includes personal liability.

Homeowners Broad Form- Covers everything in Homeowners Basic Form, along with damages due to freezing temperatures, building collapses, and accidental water or steam damage due to leakage. It also covers damage done by heavy snowfall and falling objects.

Homeowners Special Form- Covers all damage done by direct losses to physical property. Earthquake and flood protection is NOT included. This offers a little more protection than Homeowners Broad Form.

Homeowners Form 5- Protects the structure and any structure on the property as well as its contents unless damage is caused by an earthquake or a flood.

Condominium Homeowners Form- Condominium owners have protection over personal property as well as liability. Their portion of the building is covered.

Homeowners Older Home Form- Is for those who have trouble getting regular homeowner’s insurance coverage. This policy includes limited coverage from theft.

With all of the different insurance policies available to homeowners in Pennsylvania, make sure you find the right one with the help of an agent. They can help you to make a sound decision.

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