8 Effective Tips to Recruit Volunteers for a Non-profit Organization

As a manager at a non-profit organization in India, I know you have to work very hard. When it comes to recruiting volunteers things get really demanding and tough. You have to map an effective process to attract volunteers. The selection procedure is stringent as you have to assess, if the candidates are capable to volunteer. Today, I am going to help you out with some tips to attract volunteers to non-profit organizations.

Recruit Volunteers

Take a look at these techniques right from my books.

# Post advertisements on social networking sites
At iSpiice, we post advertisements on social media like, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can then ask your friends and family members to like those pages. In this manner, more and more people can like the page and you may come across someone who is willing to volunteer for your organization.

# Post your requirements on the website of your organization

You should post the requirement on your website. An audience, who has viewed your requirement on Facebook, is going to take a look at your website first. He or she is convinced about your volunteer requirements by the website post. The audience may contact you directly or may ask a friend who is interested to volunteer, to contact your office.

# Come on air

Radio stations publicize local events on air. If you have an upcoming project or event, for which you need volunteers, you can approach a radio station and ask them to advertise your requirement. This technique is useful to reach out to local volunteers. If you want, you can give the details of the advertisement to the radio station.

# Advertise requirements for particular projects

If you have a specific project in mind, you can advertise for volunteers based on your requirements. For instance, your organization is looking for English teaching volunteers. So, you can specifically mention this requirement in your advertisement. In this manner, only those candidates are going to apply who want to volunteer as English teachers.

# Try to asses the motives of volunteers

Efficient volunteer recruiters try to fathom the actual motive of the volunteers. Most volunteers have other motives, besides helping the needy. They may want to learn new skills, improve their existing skills, travel, meet new people or forget a bitter past. You can offer them the chance to fulfil their motives, if you deem them suitable for the organization. For instance, you interview a candidate who wants to travel and volunteer. What can be better for him or her than weekend trips to different parts of the country?

# Allow flexibility of time

You should allow the candidates to choose a suitable time to volunteer. You can offer them time-limited options or alternate duties. A volunteer may not be able to attend for a few days; an alternative can fill in his or her place at such circumstances. Demanding fixed hours of regular work from a volunteer may scare him or her away.

You can ask the volunteers to offer them certain hours of work as long as they volunteer. Your organization may need volunteers at night. These volunteers should be allowed to have more spare time because staying awake at night can weaken the body.

# Speak to the volunteer about his or her responsibilities

You should clearly mention the expectations of the organization to the new recruits. If the volunteers realize that they have to do things other than what they were supposed to do, they might leave the organization. You should inform them that, if needed, they are expected to do almost everything at the organization. A teacher may have to plant saplings in the community, if circumstances demand.

He or she should also know about maintaining decorum at office. Inform the volunteer that you are going to take periodical feedback from the community and co-volunteers. The volunteer can tell you about his or her experience and problems (if any) during this time.

# Acknowledge the contribution of volunteers

It is essential to appreciate the efforts of the volunteers. If the volunteers do not feel that you like their work, they may get de-motivated and leave your organization for other volunteer organizations in India. You can express your gratitude by thanking the volunteers, inviting them to annual dinner or even rewarding them at meetings. You can create multiple award segments to reward every volunteer at the organization. Remember, these volunteers do not expect any monthly salary. What they hope for is the management to recognize their contributions towards the community where they work.

I hope my ideas can help you recruit volunteers for your non-profit organization. Do you have any other idea up your sleeve? In that case you are welcome to share your thoughts. Till then, keep an open mind and recruit efficient volunteers for your organization.

Author Bio:

I am Carol Griffin and I love to help as a volunteer. In my free times I like to write posts on volunteering opportunities in India, gap year programs, child education and teaching English.

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