8 Amazing Software To Optimize You Mac

If you own a Mac, you would obviously want it to run smoothly, steadily and speedily. But, with years of use, it is cluttered with several files and processes and that is when it is required to give it quick cleansing. Taking a manual route might not be a feasible option as it is time-consuming. This is where you need a Mac cleaner that efficiently lets you track all those places on your hard drive where junk might have accumulated.

What Does A Mac Cleaner Do?

When you install and use applications on your Mac, an enormous amount of cache and other kinds of temporary data takes a lot of space on your hard disk and eat up a lot of memory. A Mac cleaner helps you restore your precious storage which might have been taken up by junk files. It does so very smartly without causing any harm to other files, folders or processes on your system.

While there are some free Mac cleaners available, you might not refrain from investing in a good quality Mac cleaner even if it requires you to shed some dollars.

Which Mac Cleaner Should You Use?

While there are hundreds and thousands of Mac cleaners present out there, you need to choose a Mac cleaner that can help you optimize your Mac in the best possible manner.

Amongst several Mac cleaners available in the market, here is a list of the best ones



Simply put TuneupMyMac is a robust Mac cleaner that helps make your Mac run like a rocket and thereby, enhance your experience. It helps optimize your Mac by getting rid of all the junk files, deleting confidential and sensitive data.

To elaborate TuneupMyMac is a Mac cleaner that cleans your system of all the useless log and cache files, and parts of applications that are not required at all. Talking about the interface, it has an easy to use intuitive interface which is well compliant with OS X 10.7 and above.

TuneupMymacsmartly preserves only those parts of the platform that are essential for your Mac and gets rid of all superfluous parts.


CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac is yet another great Mac cleaner that has a very simple layout. Don’t just go on the layout alone, cleanMyMac comes packed with a malware remover, a macOS cleaner, and a performance monitor. It won’t be wrong to say that this Mac cleaner optimizes your Mac PC on all fronts. It comes with a fantastic drag and drop feature and gives users access to every small information about disk usage. It also sports several additional features like updater ad software uninstaller which help optimize Mac even better.



CCleaner has been a popular optimization tool for Windows for years and it is slowly and steadily becoming popular with Mac users as well. When you find out that your Mac is not working to the best of its abilities, CCleaner can help you fix issues that could be hindering your Mac’s performance. CCleaner removes temporary caches, files, and folders with one click. Additionally, it even erases your browser’s history so that advertisers and browsers would not be able to track your behavior online.


daisy disk

Another popular Mac cleaner on the disk is DaisyDisk. The very moment you launch the tool, it makes you aware of all the disks that are running out of space. This way it becomes easy for you to first mark all those areas that are taking maximum space and then you can trash such files using the collection drawers. It stands true to what it boasts of. It scans all kinds of modern disks in a matter of seconds, something that helps it go neck to neck with its competitors.

Drive Genius 5

drive genius 5

Drive Genius 5 is an efficient tool that checks all your drives for any kind of hardware issues. It verifies the folder structure of your Mac and repairs any errors that could have been caused by corruption. In situations where data is inaccessible due to the lost file name, the inbuilt mechanism called rebuild is able to list all lost file names and attach them to file data again. The Mac cleaner also has a defragmenter that optimizes your drive for best performances. It does that by reorganizing each file and retrieving files while making Mac PC work less.

CleanGenius for Mac 

clean genius

CleanGenius is easy optimization software for Mac that helps you keep complete control of all the startup applications that might be stopping your Mac from running smoothly. Using this tool you can also schedule your Mac’s shutdown time. CleanGenius also has a duplicate file finder that easily tracks duplicate files. Removing these files you can enhance your Mac’s performance.

Disk Doctor

disk doctor

An extremely easy to use Mac cleaner, Disk Doctor sorts results into categories so that you can seamlessly advance to the cleaning stage. You can easily select what to keep and what to delete during the cleaning process. Another great part about Disk Doctor is that it brilliantly handles logs that are automatically created by applications. It even timely empties your trash so that unnecessary files make not take up memory space.

MacOptimizer Pro

mac optimizer pto

Last but certainly not the least, MacOptimizer pro is a Mac cleaner that you would certainly want to use to organize your Mac. This will surely enhance the performance of your Mac PC. It has for long been acclaimed for the way it helps your Mac get rid of unwanted cache and incompatible login items that take up all the space of your device’s startup disk. It also fixes several issues like error messages, cleaning cache files, untimely hangs, amongst several others.

If you are a power user, you may, by all ways and means cleanse your Mac and optimize its performance. The above mentioned Mac cleaners would free plenty of space on your hard drive so that you can make way for important processes and documents and track any issues that might be detrimental to your Mac’s performance.

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