5 IT Certifications That Will Launch Your Tech Career

IT Certifications are a foolproof way to launch your Tech Career or to move forward in your technical career. Whether you are a fresher or working with a small or big organization or any other place that hires IT professionals, IT Certifications are the best stake for your career advancement. Making a successful career can be a tough task but using IT Certifications as a tool to move forward in your career will help you in your career journey.

IT Certifications That Will Launch Your Tech Career

We all know that technology is constantly changing and new technologies are being implemented rapidly. IT Certifications are one way with which you can keep pace with the changing trends of the IT market. IT Certifications opens new doors of opportunity andenhance your technical knowledge.

Fresher are often seen examining the question “What certifications should I pursue”. Which certification is correct for you depend on your career path. Stated below are the top 5 hottest and most highly requested certifications that are the most beneficial in today’s IT market-

  • JAVA

Getting JAVA certified is always good for one’s career and it is even more important for fresher who had just begun their career. JAVA certifications add long term value to your career, resume, and knowledge. Java certifications give you an opportunity to learn both basic as well as advanced concepts of Java programming language in a short period of time. JAVA certified professionals often get more salary as compared to those who are not certified.

  • PHP

PHP certification is a good option if you want to improve your skill, gain more status, become more professional in your work or distinguish yourself from other PHP developers. Obtaining this certification is a formal confirmation of your PHP skills. PHP certification also enhances oone’s knowledge as it covers all the basic functionalities of PHP. PHP certifications are especially important if you are from the region where employer prefers people with the certificate.


The field of Android is growing day by day. As Android provides an interesting revenue model, a lot of organizations have a separate department for Android Developers. Android Certifications adds more value to your skill and reputation. Android Certification can help you achieve a significant salary. When you need to get your resume noticed or prove that you deserve a promotion, an Android Certification can also make a real difference.


During several past years, cloud computing field has gained much hype, interest, and investment. Cloud computing is the latest technology in the field of computers and Internet based services. Individuals with cloud computing certifications and solid cloud computing skillscontinue to be in high demand as more companies adopt this technology.

  • .NET

.NET offers the best platform available today for delivering Windows software. .NET helps make software enhanced,cheaper, faster, and more secure. Being a newbie, if you want to learn good object oriented programming to begin with then .NET certifications would be a great place to start. .NET certifications not only helps fresher and beginners secure a good job for themselves, but it also helps experienced programmers build a stronger portfolio and get a better job and a better salary.

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