5 Books to Prepare for any MBBS Entrance Exam

Doctors are seen as saviors with powers to cure sicknesses and to deliver people from pain. Hence, the medical profession is a perceived as a highly lucrative and respected career option by many youngsters. There are about 390 medical colleges in India including government- and privately-managed. About 52,000 candidates can be admitted each year to these colleges at the under graduate level.

The number of aspirants for the medical profession is increasing exponentially each year and those candidates who prepare better and can handle pressures well are the ones who can manage an undergraduate medical seat in the country.

The basic examination pattern for any medical entrance test is more or less similar and usually has four parts including Physics, Chemistry, Biology and General Knowledge. It normally consists of objective type questions with 60 questions from each of the three primary topics and 20 from GK. Given below is a list of five books that will help you prepare for any MBBS entrance exam:

objective physics1. Trueman’s Objective Physics for Medical/Engg Entrance Exams: is published by Trueman Book Company and authored by B L Taneja. The Trueman Book Company, established in 1986, is a leading publisher of academic books in India.

The company publishes books on a variety of subjects including engineering, sciences and humanities. The author, B.L.Taneja, is a leading educationist and academic writer in India. He has written authored multiple academic books such as IIT Screening Physics.

Trueman’s Objective Physics is an exhaustive book ideally suited for candidates taking the Physics paper for any medical or engineering entrance exams. In addition to having a comprehensive list of objective questions with detailed answers arranged chapter-wise, this book also has sample papers and questions from the previous years’ exam papers.

chemistry2. Modern’s ABC of Chemistry for class 11 and 12 (volume I and II): is written by S.P. Jauhar and published by modern Publishers, a leading publishing company involved in producing multiple CBSE syllabus-based books mainly for the 11th and 12th standards. Other academic books for different undergraduate and graduate courses are also published by Modern with strict adherence to the latest syllabi.

Modern’s books are found on a variety of subjects including Commerce, Science, Humanities, Mathematics and Business Studies. They also produce books for many competitive examinations and medical and engineering entrance examinations too.

Modern’s ABC Chemistry is an encyclopedic book of Chemistry for Class 11 and Class 12 students. The concepts discussed in these books include many sections such as Structure of Atoms, Chemical Bonding, States of Matter, Organic Chemistry, Hydrocarbons etc. The book also contains tests under ‘Test your Learning Ability’ to help you gauge your progress and also includes Mock Tests at the end of every chapter.

A New Pattern Text Book of Organic Chemistry for Competitions3. A New Pattern Text Book of Organic Chemistry for Competitions: The authors of this book are A. K. Virmani and O. P. Tandon. It is a comprehensive compilation of Organic Chemistry topics. The book discusses topics that are based on the structure as well as the reaction of organic compounds. Additionally, some chapters are covered in more detail to help you understand concepts better.

O. P. Tandon has penned MCQS in Human Psychology Basic and Applied and also has co-authored other books including A New Pattern Textbook of Physical Chemistry for Competitions. A.K. Virmani is a professional doctor and has co-authored other academic books too.

Exploring Biology for Medical Entrances4. Exploring Biology for Medical Entrances (Volume I and II): have been designed specifically to help students prepare for any of the Medical entrance examinations conducted in India. Aligned to the NCERT syllabus and textbooks, these books help students prepare for the entrance exams and also to manage their school studies. It contains over 5000 questions of all types and contains 42 chapters including nature and scope of biology, biological classification, and structural organization in animals, cell: Unit of Life, etc.

The questions in the book are designed to ensure that all concepts and their applications are clear to students. Each chapter has questions at the end to help students check and monitor their progress. The question types including in the book are Multiple Choice Questions, fillers, True/False, diagram-based questions etc. Each chapter also contains questions from previous papers of both regional and national level entrance exams.

objective biology5. Trueman’s Objective Biology for Medical Entrance Examinations (Set of 2 volumes): is a comprehensive set of two books, published by Trueman Book Company, containing chapters with detailed explanations and end-of-chapter questions to enable students keep track of their comprehension and progress.

The contents in the first book include Diversity in the Living World, Structural Organization of Plants and Animals, Cell Structure and Function, Plant Physiology and Human Physiology. The second volume contains chapters in Reproduction, Genetics and Evolution, Biology and Human Welfare, Biotechnology and its Applications and Ecology and Environment.

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