5 Best Restaurants in Jaipur

Rajasthan is famous for its Rajasthani spicy cuisine and if you want to taste it then you can best taste it in Jaipur. Jaipur is known also as Pink City. This city which is known for its traditions and customs that are rich in their own way, also best known for its Rajasthani Cuisine. If you come in Jaipur and want to taste the Rajasthani Thali, there are five famous best restaurants in Jaipur where you can savor the taste of Rajasthani food.

Daal, Baati and Churma is the Jaipur’s dish which is famous all around the world by its name. There are others which are famous too. If you want to taste all the famous dishes, you can taste them in Jaipur’s famous five restaurants that are known for their quality dishes and serving services.

 Five best restaurants in Jaipur:

Chokhi Dhani

Chokhi Dhani Jaipur

Chokhi Dhani: If you haven’t experienced the enjoyment of eating food in village or never see a village that what it looks like then you should come to Chokhi Dhani, a five star village resort where you find all the facilities. It is the place where you can eat flavorish rajasthani food. Whether you come with your friends or family, it is the place where you can hangout. It is the right and good place to eat and treat. If you want to go there, here is the address. Chokhi Dhani is situated in Jaipur near Tonk Road.

Barbeque Nation

Barbeque Nation Jaipur

Barbeque Nation: what about the fun when you go into a jungle and cook your food on barbeque! But you cannot always go into a jungle and cook food on barbeque. Don’t worry, you can still have the fun of eating barbequed food in Barbeque Restaurant in Jaipur. You can eat here both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine whether American, Mediterranean, Indian and Oriental. You can enjoy here the live-grill with your choice of flavors whether with marinades or sauces. It is one of the best casual experience restaurants in Jaipur. Barbeque Nation is near Tonk Road in Jaipur, serving you North Indian, Mughali and Chinese.

Wassup Jaipur

Wassup Jaipur

Wassup: As its name is so casual as the restaurant is, situated in the centre of city Jaipur, it serves you the best environment you want and look for, far from city and as well as the best food you love to eat. Here you can eat Mexican, Italian, North Indian and Chinese, all that you want to eat whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian. It is near c-scheme, Subhash Marg, Bhavani singh road, Jaipur.

Cafe Kalapani Jaipur

Cafe Kalapani Jaipur

Café Kalapani: If you want to drink as well as eat, soothing your ears listening band’s performance, it is the best place to hangout. It serves you Italian and Mexican cuisine along with varieties of coffee. Café Kalapani is only for vegetarian lovers. Café kalapani is at Ashok Marg, c-scheme, Jaipur.

Dragon Bar Jaipur

Dragon Bar Jaipur

Dragon Bar: If you are looking for a restaurant where you can eat and drink both then the best one is Dragon Bar where you can eat Lebanese, North Indian, Thai, Italian, Mughali and Mexican as well as savor the drinks. Dragon Bar is in c-scheme near Malviya Nagar.

So these are the best restaurants where you can hangout and relax giving you both taste and atmosphere what you looking for. So check them out.

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