12 Creatively-Rich Portfolios that Inspire us With Stirring Designs

Leap frogging with creativity, online portfolios of certain designers are meant to inspire and awe. The unflappable drive for exclusivity, imagination and a vanguard ideation powers these designers to create a platform over which they can showcase their skills without really advertising them.

This list looks at some of those uniquely spectacular portfolio designs that continue to set benchmarks:


pollen design
Representing a team of professional designers, the Pollen website pitches its services in a manner most creative and appealing. They have kept a minimal, yet a stunning look for the site which is built on WordPress (hard to guess). PHP is the framework over which the site is structured and the JavaScript Libraries used here include Modernizr, jQuery, HTML 5 Shiv and RequireJS.

I’m Tawn

Im Tawn

The design portfolio of renowned designer Ashleigh Downer grabs you by your lapels and doesn’t let go. The shock of colors it tosses at you is alone worth the price of admission. Using Apache as the web server, the website is built on AJAX Libraries API as the content delivery network and HTML5 Shiv being the JavaScript library.

Chris Davis

chris davis design
Davis is a design expert and this is pretty evident from his highly responsive and visually stunning website. It is hard to make out that website is hosted on WordPress, since it looks so uncharacteristic of a typical WordPress website with its unique layout and mix of colors. With PHP and FrontPage Extensions providing the framework, Davis has used HTML5 Shiv and jQuery for the JavaScript Libraries.

Cast Iron Studio

cast iron design studio
Cast Iron Studio keeps things pretty vintage, and the imagination on display on the site gives you a fair idea about their designing acumen. LiteSpeed is e web server the site is structured on and it uses WordPress for managing its content. Thematic and PHP lend the robust framework to the site that uses a whole suite of JavaScript libraries that include the likes of Tweet for jQuery, SuperFish, Hover Intent, Google JS Api, Yahoo User Interface, jQuery UI, jQuery QuickSand and Modernizr.

Jan Mense

jan menses portfolio

Soaked in unadulterated creativity, the portfolio of Jan Mense uses clever designing elements to put the brand message across. The site is built on the PHP framework and in addition to the essential JavaScript Libraries, it also uses libraries like Facebook for Websites and Faceboook SDK.

Philippe Hong

philippe hong design
The non-fussy Black & White hues never cease to create a vibe that’s spellbinding in its own inimitable way. The dark tones are backed by exceptional creativity. With a host of JavaScript Libraries like Swipe JS, touchSwipe, and Backstretch at the backend, Philippe Hong uses UTF-8 for encoding. Thanks to the back-end elements, the website is easy to navigate and has memorable look.

Made by Vadim

Made by Vadim design
An incredibly elegant portfolio, Vadim takes giant strides in creativity to give us a portfolio that is eye-catching-getting. Built on WordPress as the CMS, it is also supported by PHP.

Serial Cut

serial cut design
here is another portfolio that elucidates that you don’t have to have a riot of colors or complex patterns for a go-for-broke ambition while advertising your core competency as designer. There is an array of CSS Media queries that are used on the site and they include Device Pixel Ratio, Max Width, Orientation and Resolution. The website also uses yepnope as one of the JavaScript Libraries.

Dickson Fong

Dickson Fong
A designer at Google, Dickson Fong has made a captivating portfolio for himself that does contain a grey area. If you want to see how you can make the best use of the jQuery, here is the perfect example for your consideration. Fong also uses the Google Font API for the widgets on the site.

Lizzie Seymour

Lizzie Seymour
Madly creative at its very fibre, Lizzie Seymour’s website is awash in colors unabashedly. Lizzie has created some adorable-looking characters and also a landscape that has toally helped him to go bonkers with imagination. The categories like About Me, Animation, etc. are also creatively placed on the page. This website is also a fine example of how you should diversified font styles without making them look out of sync.


Brightbyte transcends the fluff of Internet to create a portfolio that’s straightforward, and still stands out of the herd. The overall design is easy on eyes. This portfolio site is also hosted on nginx with WordPress as the CMS used to built it and PHP being the framework that lends the structure. BrightByte also uses the Twitter Platform and yepnope JavaScript Libraries.

Andy Taylor

Andy Taylor design
A UX designer, Andy has made sure his website makes no fuss and advertises his services most effectively. Andy has used a number of useful JavaScript libraries on the site and those include Infinite Scroll, Twitter Platform, Head JS, jQuery and Mousetrap. The content delivery network leveraged on the site are Vimeo CDN and CloudFlare.

Elevating the designing standards while sidestepping the archetypical approaches, these portfolios set standards for the best in the business to follow.

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