10 Tips to Protect Your Skin in Winter

Skin Care Tips

Skin Care Tips

Our skin and health has the impact of season change. The cold winds absorb moisture from our skin in winter season. This is very important to take special care of the skin in this season. If you want bright skin and silky hair then follow these tips.

1.  If your skin is very rough, do not use soap to clean the face you can use Cleansing lotion on its place, which is more useful than soap and facial.

2. Add a few drops of oil and teaspoon of fresh milk in the bath water to make your skin soft and smooth.

3. This weather can dry your skin of hands, elbows and other body parts. Use the peel of lemon on body skin put a little bit rub for better effect.

4. These days, the affects of dry winds begin to blow from the lips. Petroleum jelly or lip softer to use a lot. Especially at night before bed and when you are not using lipstick. It would be better put to bed the night before his navel Desi ghee.

5. Also you Bijvaks, Foamy, Alovira, vitamin E and Sensshiyl can also use oil-rich lip balm to protect the lips from winter it is quite effective.

6. Shade in warm water mixed with baking soda bath miles or course skin becomes soft and tender. If it does not work then use lotion.

7. Occasionally not getting fresh air, due to negligence and not taking balanced diet, the skin becomes dull and lifeless. Do not overlook these things. Eat balanced and nutritious diet.

8. Cold air causing redness and swelling are often in the eyes. So when you exit the eye drops prescribed by your doctor to put it.

9. To provide additional energy in your body, do regular exercise such as jogging, playing sports.

10. Sunscreen is still important for you skin in winter season. Do not forget to put sunscreen on 30 minutes before leave the house to protect your skin.

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