The Best App To Prepare For GMAT On-the-GO

When it comes to professional advancement and career growth, there is no white space. Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT is the only option, which places you in the classroom of success and rationalizes your plights career hurdles.

Learn Gmat with ByJu's App

The GMAT has embarked more the 6,000 business and management programs. It is considered to be traditional form standardized test to get into the international B-schools with a perspective of acquiring MBA degree.

Advantages of GMAT

  • The GMAT exam gauges the skills you have and the skills B-schools need.
  • A proven instrument of your success and accomplishments.
  • The GMAT exam is acknowledged by graduate business schools worldwide.
  • The GMAT exam conducted 12*365, when you’re ready to take it.


GMAT Exam is 3.5 hours long game, which demands the syllabus to be covered upto high school level. Based on this grounds high order thinking ability questions are asked. Hence, its preparation need a specific technique that you can use for setting your goal is the age old S.M.A.R.T. technique. Your goal should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time bound.

GMAT Preparation

GMAT is taken by the working professionals and they can be categorized into the falling groups:

  • Work experience up to three years.
  • Work experience from three to seven years.
  • Work experience with more than seven years.

To gain excellence with SMART technique, you have to be very wise while selecting the authentic and appropriate study material. In this context Byju’s Learning GMAT app can be judicious and intelligent choice.

How Byju’s App is Helpful in Preparing GMAT?

Byju’s learning app is a perfect infusion of scientific technology with qualitative GMAT study material. Each of the individuals have different meticulous level depends on that Byju’s Learning app caters everyone’s doubts. It is vital app which has the potential to change one’s weakness into strength when it comes to GMAT prep. If you’re techno-savvy, then you will be knowing that tablets are the new books to read and apps are the contents. And if you’ve thrive for international MBA then this app should be on the top of your list.

Here are the few evident features of Byju’s Learning App which will make you to fall in love with learning.

Easy to Learn Basics – The app based training starts from the 8th standard basics. It is an opportunity to recollect the forgotten classes’ studies by spending few hours in your free time. Or else, the classes could be pretty boring you have the facility to skip. So why bother!

Learn Shortcuts – There are multiple ways to solve a specific mathematics problem with shortcuts available. The bucket shrinks when it comes to shortcuts related to verbal reasoning solving. This particular app teaches several shortcut techniques for solving comprehensive questions in a couple of few minutes.

Reading Principles – Reading Comprehension (RC) comprises 36% of the total verbal questions. Undeniable, it is one of the most time consuming section, students explore the internet to know how to increase RC reading tips. But Byju’s Classes has introduced Parote Rule or widely popular as 80/20 rule, which made the reading comprehension easy and increased the accuracy.

RC Rules – The app enables you to identify the following main points of a RC like main idea, inference, database, hypothetical tone etc. You can solve the questions by just looking at few lines.

150 Hours of Lecture – Byju’s tab has 150+ hours of lectures on the topics from Verbal and Quant. Based on your strength and weakness decide the topics and go through it. You can repeat the video sessions again and again, over and over to gain expertise in a specific topic.

Time Flexibility – This app based training sessions are mobile and flexible. One can start learning from the tab when they feel comfortable to do. Due to its mobility and highly flexible timings, one of the reasons of preferring more than the classroom or weekend studies. You’ll be free from the chilling thought of attending the classes or the loss you may face of skipping the class.

Adaptive Learning – GMAT is a computer adaptive test which means that the test follows a variable difficulty level questions depending upon the answers you provide for the previous question. It doesn’t have a pre-fixed set of questions. Similarly this adaptive learning session will give an idea for the real GMAT

Video Solutions – To explain the solution of a question in Quant and Verbal, the app contains recorded video to ease the comprehensive studies for GMAT

Diagnostic Tool kit – Main of this diagnostic tool kit is to make you familiar with inappropriate ways you used to solve a question. It gives an insight where you’re wrong and why you’re wrong. This saves you from losing few extra marks in the real GMAT exam scene.

Adaptive Question Bank – The app consists of the adaptive question bank, which gives you a chance of comparing your way of approaching solution to their. Through it you can evaluate where you’re lagging behind.

Personalized Mentor – Apart from these entire unique features, Byju’s Classes provides mentorship programs to their esteemed students. Here the students can ask direct question to the mentors and get back the solution. It offers have 1-1 personal interaction to clarify your doubt.

Talented Minds Behind Byju’s – The Learning App

It has been designed by leading faculty Mr. Santosh &Mr.Amith, who have a score of 780 and 760 out of 800 in GMAT respectively. Mr.Santhosh has done MBA from the premier institute, ISB, where he was a gold medalist. They have designed the entire content and the video lectures.


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