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Domain Names and Trademark Law

In principle, deciding on a website name is easy. If it’s miles memorable, pronounceable, short, vivid, without difficulty spelled and indicates the character of the commerce on your website, you’ve got your self a winner.

But even if your preference is excellent from a marketing perspective, it can be worse than silly from a legal standpoint. Your name is in danger if it legally conflicts with any one of the tens of millions of commercial names that exist already. It’s a significant hazard. If you placed cash and sweat into your website below one domain name after which are forced to offer the identify up, your Web-based enterprise is likely to suffer a dangerous, if not fatal, blow.

The rules for understanding whether felony warfare exists comes from trademark law. Here are the basics you want to apprehend:

Last Minute Preparation Tips To Tackle Board Examination

The Board Exam for both Class 10 and 12 are milestones for students that would hold importance forever in their career graph. Be it entrance exams, government jobs or getting into a reputed college, good marks in the board exam always take students a long way. So it is very important for students preparing for their board exams to give their best and remain focused throughout the exam.