Major Back Pain Causes and Its Relief Methods

Back pain as it suggests is a pain that is experienced no longer by old and tiered laborers, but is common among the youths and an effect of modern lifestyle. Even those who are working indoors on their chair and table seem to be complaining about back pain.

In olden times despite the hard work and rigorous toil in the fields and farms the people lived with minor complaints of back pain. Why is this so? It is because today in this modernized world every little work is depended upon. People lack the necessary exercise and movements required to maintain a perfect posture.

Major Back Pain Causes and Its Relief Methods

Back pain has arisen due to

  •          Restricted body movements. Students, professionals, clerks, typists, businessmen and physicians too, are confined to a desk job for long periods. This cuts off the natural activity. This leads to poor posture and the spine from its beautiful “S” curve is altered to various degrees of shape. This in turn irritates the nerves to produce the so called back pain.
  •          Once the movement is restricted, then if it is further continued then the pain turns chronic in nature. Chronic cases are very difficult to manage.
  •          Urbanization has creeped in to the young minds. Working or moving about much is regarded as non classy. To go to the garden or park in the vicinity of the colony one uses his/her car. Imagine where the pleasure of walking is experienced.
  •          Whereas, sportspersons very often experience back pains due to rigorous training and daily workouts. Training for long periods daily can cause pain. A perfect coach can prepare a routine for such sportsperson.
  •          The chair that you use is so fancy that you may realize the effect only when it hurts your back.
  •          Reading books on bed or a couch with different postures can cause back pain.
  •          Heavy weight lifting may slowly raise the back pain.
  •          Your obese bodyweight can also cause a back pain. The bones and muscles in your back and shoulders may suffer due to overweight. They get weaken.
  •          Lack of proper night sleep is also a prime factor.
  •          Too much of stress of work and strain can add to the back pain.


All the above mentioned defects can be managed with proper guidance.

 By following best home remedies, we can reduce the back pain.Physicians will give you a painkiller which is only temporary. It only relieves you of the pain but the underlying cause has to be removed.

  •          Try to exercise daily so that every muscle gets proper functioning.
  •          Try to move out of your working desk and walk for some time to ease your frozen muscles.
  •          Try to walk regularly at least one kilometer daily.
  •          Early morning walk for about half an hour.
  •          Take deep breathing exercises, preferably yoga.
  •          Read a book on a chair that has a long back, or adjust the back according to your height. Try to move your head occasionally, to relax the neck muscles.
  •          Do not read while lying on bed or in a moving vehicle.
  •          Laptop should be placed well between the thighs.
  •          Reduce body weight
  •          Sleep peacefully at night. Do not waste the night hours in useless talk or gossiping.
  •          Students and professionals must relax and not stress themselves.
  •          Avoid wearing high heels. This induces pain and strain on the spine.

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