I remember the last time when my mother had a few questions regarding ladies jeans and should she wear them up or not. It was then when my mind clicked through all kinds of jeans and body types and I explained her the styles and patterns. I even told her how and when she can wear them up and almost convinced her to try and style them up. Expecting that she is convinced and would definitely try the jeans frequently in her daily life, I was intrigued to know how much comfortable is she feeling now? But to my surprise when I asked her about her feelings, she shocked me with her reply. She said that she has come to know what denim means to women, and it is even a comfortable attire for her. But now the new problem that has come before she is about the tops for women. She is quite unaware about the girls tops that would suit her with jeans for different occasions.

Well, to an extent, she was absolutely right. It was my fault that I explained her about the jeans only without asking her how would she style it up. Or maybe I over assumed that she must be knowing about it, but she is right, the person who has never tried jeans all her life, how would she know what kind of tops for women are available online and how to style them up at her age with her body type. And then I could not let her go without her question unanswered. I have been wearing jeans since my childhood, and with the passage of time, I have gained quite a bit knowledge on how to wear and style them up with several girls tops, so thought of sharing the same with her.

I know her body type well, being petite and blessed with an apple shaped figure, she was pretty suitable to wear any kind of jeans. But as she is not a daily wearer of jeans, I knew skinny and slim fit jeans could be a bit uncomfortable for her so I thought of advising her boot cut jeans which are not only classy and stylish but also comfortable for a beginner. She was all set to wear the boot cut jeans style with a variety of tops which she can adorn to various occasions and events. I was elated to see her confidence that she want to give these jeans a try even for outside events, and so I wanted her to look the best in various tops for women. To get the best of girls tops, I made her sit with me online to search a range of tops for women, which she feels are good for her and then we will think about styling them up with her pair of denim with gorgeous accessories and shoes.


When we sat together, I first asked her the various occasions to which she wanted to dress them up. After a while, she told me that she wanted to have a variety of girls tops for her kitty parties, her shopping activities, meeting her friends and a few other events which did not have a name as per her, and are sudden events where she has to go and has very less time to dress up. The most important thing that she told me to keep it in her mind was that they should suit her body type and especially her age.

Her first priority was that the girl’s tops for her should be elegant and classy as she does not want to look like a teenage girl, but a mature educated woman who has the sense of dressing as per age. I have seen certain women trying to dress that don’t suit them at all, either because they are not that slim anymore or maybe the colour is not suiting their skin tone and instead of looking nice they end up looking odd. So keeping this in mind, I looked out for a few sophisticated tops for women, which would suit her personality as well as her age.

  1. TUNIC TO STYLE FOR KITTY PARTIES: – To style up for a kitty party is the most important task for a woman who is a homemaker. That is the only time, where she dresses up in her best of the attires with beautiful statement jewellery and footwears for a change. So to make this event special, I wanted her to start off with a tunic top, which would be sexy, classy and trendy. My mother is not that old aged kind of women, she is young at her skin as well as her heart, so I knew she would be able to carry off a vibrant tunic top well.



The tunic tops are good to cover the butt and simultaneously the stylish tops too, which have stylish necklines and full sleeve designs. So while looking for the same, we chose to have a solid vibrant coloured tunic top which she could pair up with the denim pair and style up with her statement jewelry and ankle length flat boots. It was a new style for her and she would rock the style, I was sure about that. She too liked it up and had her own opinion of styling the tunic in her own way by wearing no necklaces but hoop earrings for a more dressy appearance.

  1. VINTAGE BLOUSE FOR FORMAL GATHERINGS: – For her going out to a formal gathering was a rare thing, but once in a blue moon, she goes out for the meeting of the Gymkhana Club of which she is a member. She hardly does anything out there, but being a member, she is supposed to attend the gathering. For such occasions, she wanted to have something which makes her feel privileged and a formal personality in her pair of denim. So we opted out for a vintage blouse.



Blouses are the most formal attires in tops for women. So I asked her to try this whenever she goes out to such meetings. A beige or any other neutral shade blouse would work wonders for her with a dark or a light shade of jeans. Styling them with flats or wedges is totally cool for a finished look. To accentuate the overall style, she even stated her opinion to have a leather tote bag on her shoulder, which would make her look rather more professional. And I was literally impressed by her thought ability that how quick she is with the styling tips and how desperately she needs to put on her jeans for this occasion.


  1. SHIRT FOR MARKET SHOPPING: – She also wanted something comfortable which she could use up for the shopping experience. When she told me about her ladies suit and its management while shopping, I was so amazed that how she was handling it since so long when a better and an easy alternative was available in terms of jeans. So I gave her the idea to try out a shirt covering her butts which would be the easiest to go option for her.



I asked her to choose her own style of shirt as there is an N number of variety available online. The growing popularity of the shirts over the tops for women has made most women falling for her and using them for most of the casual as well as formal looks. She chose a shirt with delicate frills on its front, and long enough to cover the butts. I really liked her choice for choosing this as a check shirt could not have done justice with her age and for an elegant look, a solid coloured shirt was perfect for her. The top was not looking very feminine, so she even ordered a belt for the same either to tie around the jeans or over the top for accentuating the curves which was truly impressive.


  1. FLORAL TOP FOR FRIENDS GET TOGETHER: – Meetings with friends is not a daily deal for her, once in a fortnight or sometimes even later than that. For such gatherings she wanted to be as cool as she can, she could choose anything to wear with her jeans as there is no one to judge her appearance and her style. So she wanted to go a bit girly in her choice and looked for something in floral prints.



I asked her to choose two to three floral tops for women as they are the most versatile and trendy girls tops which she could try out for any occasion. She agreed with me and chose out a Peplum top, a frilly top and a floral blouse for her. All the tops that she chose were unique and distinct from one another. She wanted to pair them up for daytime events in flip flops and sandals, for a cooler and chic appearance. She wanted to style it up with a bucket bag or probably a sling bag which would not only serve the purpose of holding utilities but also an add-on factor to her style statement.

After this selection, I was eager to buy a few girls tops for myself too. But after choosing those tops for her, which were really wonderful choices that are going to look great on her and I know she will rock the style in her various tops for women to all the events.