5 Actionable Preparation Tips For Board Examination That Work

The competition in the current generation is at its peak. Students now aim to score a perfect score to have a brightening future. As boards are considered to be a stepping stone in the life of a student, it helps them to secure their future. Hence, it is important for them to excel in these examinations. Board examinations help students to get into some of the prestigious colleges in India. Getting into these colleges help students to get a social reputation in the society.

5 Actionable Board Examination Preparation Tips That Work GREAT in 2020

Here are some of the important tips which need to be practiced in order to excel in the board examination:

(i) Practice regularly- Students generally burn the midnight oil during the peak time of examination for studies, which can be easily overcome with regular practice. Students are advised to practice concepts regularly in order to have a good grip on the subject. Various concepts such as number system, mole concept, requires regular practice to have a better understanding of the topics.

(ii) Time schedule- It is of prime importance for the student to set time for studying. This helps them to bring them close to excellence. Time schedule should be such that they get proper time for studying regularly as well as for games to have a balanced life. This helps them reduce the pressure for studies and have a healthy life ahead.

(iii) Make your own notes- Students can jot down important formulas while studying. Creating notes will help them during the time of revision. Along with this just viewing these formulae once a week would help to memorize them, which can be beneficial in their examination.

(iv) Practice previous year question papers- Practicing papers can help students to get acquainted with the pattern of examination, different questions that are framed, which helps them improve themselves. Students can also analyze their current preparation and prepare strategies for improvement.

(v) Be relaxed and Confident- Just before the examination, many students lose hope of performing well and get themselves into a difficult situation. This can be due to their sceptic behavior. Thus, it is advised for the students to be calm and confident to do exceptionally well in the examination.

These were some of the important preparation tips for board examination. Students can stick to it and see the difference themselves. Learn various concepts of maths and science such as Tyndall effect, Magnetism, algebra visit BYJU’S The learning app. One can also subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel to learn the concepts in an effective way

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