How to Start a Salesforce Career?

Salesforce has gained a lot of popularity in the technology industry lately. As more and more customers are entering into contracts every day, the demand for the Salesforce developers, administrators and the consultants are increasing. Though starting a career in Salesforce is not difficult, but it may take time if you are not aware of the right track. The Salesforce companies are generally looking for expert individuals with proven hands-on experiences. Therefore, by following some appropriate steps, you can achieve your dream job in Salesforce.


Free Developer Account: You can create a developer account with the free edition. This can help you in getting access to all the features and the functionalities of Salesforce. You can play and experience the updated features and can get hands-on experience with the application. You can activate the following functions with this particular application:

  • You can install the AppExchange application for testing the installation process.
  • Build the new features and the functionalities with workflow rules, objects and the custom fields.
  • You can access the entire Salesforce community and can be introduced to the documentation produced by the community
  • You may also use the Salesforce sandbox template and get accustomed with various templates within the Salesforce community.

You can use the developer account as a platform or portal through which you can learn while playing. As the setup is very easy, you can create and start learning on your own.

Different Platforms: When you have registered yourself in the community, you can start playing in different platforms. The Salesforce Trailhead can act as a learning tool which offers you various modules to work with the developer. Throughout the whole journey you can earn various badges and points and the entire application remains free. The cheat sheets are also available in Salesforce where quick references and guides can be accessed easily.

Join Networks: You can join a network where a large number of user groups are available. Around the world, you will find more than 200 user groups who are present in the community. The users can provide new ways of applying various features and you will easily find local Salesforce talent from the group.

Leverage Social Networks: For building networks, social media can be a great way. You will find that most of the Salesforce users prefer Twitter.  You can share the information of Salesforce through any social network. You are required to work on channels which are easy to be managed.

Volunteer: After you have gained the basic knowledge about the Salesforce, you can apply the knowledge in the practical world. You can take part in voluntary Salesforce jobs before you are employed in a full time job.

Salesforce Administrator: Many people are looking for a career as the “Salesforce administrator”. If you are also interested then you should take care of a few abilities to become an administrator:

  • As communication is very important in the Salesforce career, you should be an excellent communicator with abilities to connect with people from all levels starting from the CEO to the end users.
  • You should have the ability to think out of the box. You should use the tools and applications in different ways and apply various features and functionalities.
  • The listening and the empathizing skills are also required in this profession.

If you are interested to become a developer, you are required to learn the Salesforce administration skills at first. You are not required to create codes with the application. You just have to maintain the platform using the declarative development with the application. So, you can easily start your career in Salesforce after gaining the basic knowledge on your own.

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