How to sell used cars in Ajman?

Used cars are made available directly from the dealers. Are you based at Ajman? Have you just purchased new car and wish to sell out the old one? If you had just purchased a new car and want to sell out the old one, then various options are available for you. In order to sell a used car in Ajman, the buyer needs to have UAE residence visa. The buyer must have a valid Ajman driver’s license.

buy and sell used car in ajman

There are a number of websites of Ajman which publishes classified ads for selling used cars.

  • DubaiPoster ( A Free Online Classified Ads Website in UAE)
  • GNWheels4U (Buy and Sell New and Used Cars in UAE)
  • Autodealer UAE ( Used cars in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah)

Various newspapers also have ads of classified for selling used cars, like The Gulf News and Khaleej Times. Notice boards can be seen in supermarkets and malls, giving advertisements from the people selling used cars.


While selling a used car, check out that all the outstanding fines are paid off before registering the car. For payment of fines, it can be checked on Dubai Police website.

Laws Regarding Selling a car in Ajman

When it comes to selling used car in Ajman, the next question is “Rules regarding the same”.

  • Do not put any signs, or sales literature or advertisements of your car windows inside, declaring that the car is for sale. This practice is followed in Europe and other parts of the world, but it is illegal in Ajman and whole UAE, which will effect police impounding your vehicle.
  • When you have prepared your car for sale. You might incur a fine of AED 100.
  • If any outstanding finance is left for the car, then you are not allowed to sell the car in Ajman or any part of UAE. After clearing all the outstanding finance in FULL, you can sell the car.

Requirements by the bank, RTA and buyer:

1. The seller needs to clear out if any outstanding finance (mortgage) is left. Once the finance has been cleared out, their banks must inform the RTA to clear the loan from the RTA system. The step by the RTA will be to send a SMS text message to the vehicle owner when the loan is cleared on the RTA system. This process takes around 24-48 hours.

2. The seller is required to put the car through RTA test ahead of advertising. In this process, various problems can be examined and can be corrected ahead of a sale because the car can only be tranferred to the new owner with a valid test certificate. The costing comes to AED 120. This certificate is valid for 30 days so it be made use of at the point of transfer.

sell your second hand car in ajamn

It will be a wonderful selling feature, and during registration all the processes will be done faster.

1. The presence of the seller is required at the point of transfer and cumpulsory requirements are their UAE driving license or Emirates ID (original not copy) plus the valid test certificate.

2. Before selling a car, the first and foremost part is to check any fines before selling a car,m so that at the point of transfer, any kinds of shocks can be saved. This can be done through a wonderful app, Dubai Police App (both on IOS and Android) and also the Dubai Police website.

The buyer requires the following:

  • Emirates ID
  • Passport with residence visa (if this is first registration of a car)
  • Valid insurance for the car
  • UAE driving license
  • The buyer requires copies of all the above as well as originals.
  • The buyer is required to pay for (or refund to the seller if payment is already done) the cost of the vehicle test (120 AED). The buyer is also required to pay all registration fees (330 AED).


So, if you are based at Ajman and have just purchased a new car and wish to sell out the old car, then follow the above mentioned steps. You can opt for DubaiPoster, for selling out the used car. DubaiPoster is the leading online classified ads website in Ajman which deals in trading of used products right from car to any other household items.

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