10 Things That You Can Learn From Your Competitors to Make A Successful SEO Campaign

The old adage ‘Don’t underestimate your competition’ holds true for every business and particularly so for digital marketers. With everyone in a mad race to achieve top page ranking for their website, search engine optimization experts are not averse to trying out multiple methodologies and approaches to achieve optimization for websites.

10 Things That You Can Learn From Your Competitors to Make A Successful SEO Campaign

Is your search engine optimization strategy good enough to put you ahead of your nearest competitors or is there something that you can learn from them to achieve your SEO goals? The answer to the latter part of the question is a resounding yes! If your competitors are consistently achieving higher ranking on top search engines, you can definitely pick a thing or two from their SEO strategies. We can give you a list of 10 things your competitors can teach you about SEO.

Planning Is Everything:

When it comes to digital marketing, unless you have a clearly-defined and coherent approach, there are less chances of success coming your way. You must be very clear in your mind about your target audience, your competitors and your goals. Your strategies must be built on the basis of your strengths and not on the weaknesses of your competitors.

Content Rules Still

If there is one single SEO strategy that worked in the past and is as effective in today’s age too, it is unique and engaging content. Without doubt, great content forms the core of any SEO strategy as the best digital marketing experts will tell you. So, focus on your content because that is one area that you are probably lacking in punch in comparison to your competitors.

Choosing The Most Relevant Keywords

If content is an important part of SEO planning, can keyword selection be far behind? Not likely. Using the right keywords that are relevant to what your visitors are looking for can do wonders to your digital marketing strategy. Have a closer look at the keywords your competitors are cashing on to know what is working for your business. Google Adword Tool can be extremely useful in finding out terms that are frequently searched by your targeted audience.

Titles, META Tags And Descriptions

Titles, Meta tags and Meta descriptions can influence the ranking of your page on search engines so you must make these a part of your SEO planning. Find out what approach your competitors are using for optimization. Are they doing it successfully? If it’s working for them, it will work for you as well after suitable customization.

Ad Copy

A meaningful ad copy that’s relevant to what you are selling can help in driving good traffic always and boost sales. Let loose your creativity, be innovative keywords and your click through rate will zoom northwards.

Get On Top Search Pages Of Most Popular Search Engines

Intrigued by the spectacular online visibility of your rival brands? They have pulled it off by managing to get all their web pages indexed by the most popular search engines that your targeted audience prefers using. Create a strategy to get your website and its most important pages crawled and indexed by Google, MS Live Search and Yahoo.

Utilize Social Network to the Fullest

If social media is not a part of your SEO strategy, you are neglecting a major business resource which your competitors are using to the hilt. Leverage the power of social media to reach out to more people who are likely to buy what you are selling. How are your competitors doing it? Find out and follow. Your business will get a nice boost.

Create Blogs

Blogs are definitely becoming a standard SEO strategy for most businesses. It helps in attracting your potential clients to your website if you manage to keep them engaged through interesting information. Make sure you provide the information they are looking for but in an interesting format. Ask for feedback and responses. Get a bit personal with regular responders by thanking them. Show them that their opinion is being heard and it matters to your business. You can draw amazing traffic with regular blogging.

Get Back Links

Why are your competitors having links on other sites? That’s because, it gives them some SEO advantage. You too can adopt the strategy and make a solid difference to your organic traffic quantum.

Don’t Ignore Email Marketing

You gave upon this because you though this is history and won’t work because there are newer SEO tricks that works better than email marketing. Your competitors thought otherwise and persisted. And they are reaping the benefits. Recoup and incorporate email marketing into your SEO campaign. It can widen your reach and bring more buyers to your business.

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