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Which Different Problem Solving Techniques Could I Use In My Business?

There are many different attitudes towards problem-solving in various industries, however, most people are waking up to the fact that they need to invest more time in this in order to make the business more efficient and effective.  With globalization getting more and more powerful every year, the world is a competitive place.


Anything that can be done internally to improve your process and reduce the risk of quality escapes can only be a helpful thing.  There are many different problem-solving tools that can be used depending on the scale and complexity of the issue.

Green / Black Belt Projects

An industry recognized improvement tool is green and black belt projects. This is often referred to as a DMAIC project which stands for Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control.  This sort of project is used for more difficult projects and could be led by someone almost on a full-time basis.  For a greenbelt project, the normal expectation is for completion in 3-6 months but for more complex black-belt projects, this could go on for 6 – 12 months.  The project will normally go deep into the process and ensure process compliance before embarking on the improvement opportunities.  Tools such as Measurement Systems Analysis and Cause and Effect Diagrams would be common tools that you would see as an input to these type of projects.

Organization Design Consulting

Problem-solving is a specific niche skill set and it could take companies some time to get the right skill set in place to do this effectively. You don’t have to be alone in this and there are different organization design consulting companies that commit their time and resource into working with companies on these sort of things. For example, there’s the global firm On The Mark who has been working in the industry for 30 years. You will find that they can help lead DMAIC projects and 8Ds or you can employ them with a business plan to actually upskill your own team in these quality toolkits.


An 8D investigation is recognized across many industries and is usually led by an 8D investigator who forms a team of key stakeholders who they think will be key in solving the problem.  Effectively, they will give a robust problem statement, contain any issues to ensure no escapes to the customer, protect the customer, complete a root cause analysis and then implement the corrective actions ensuing any read across activity is included.  You will find that this sort of problem-solving toolset is used widely in the automotive and aerospace industry and would normally be a mandated method to use in response to any customer escapes.

Value Stream Mapping

If you are looking for productivity or process efficiency improvements, then completing a Value Stream Map on the overall process could significantly help with this.  Here, you could immediately identify bottlenecks in your process and agree on robust corrective actions to address.  This is another activity that involves a lot of stakeholders from your company if it is to be completed effectively.

Make sure to use the best method for your business.

Why Investing In A Property Is Considered As The Best Investment?

In case you’re youthful, and you’re hoping to buy another home to live in, perhaps you ought to think about transforming your first home into a speculation property. While a great many people hold up until after they’ve purchased their first or second home to start putting resources into land, you could begin much sooner than you might suspect. We’ll clarify why hopping into the property contributing amusement may be a smart thought.


How To Get The Benefits of Cheap Learner Driver Insurance

Learner driver insurance is a short term flexible method that allows you to get insured with provisional license holder from two hours to ninety days. So that you can practice your driving with someone who cam go along with you.

Understanding the Role of PCD Franchise Company in the Indian Pharma Industry

An Indian PCD franchise company is partly responsible for taking the Indian pharma industry to where it presently is. Propaganda cum distribution, more commonly known as PCD, is widely used as the base business model by many top PCD pharma companies in India. This business model has also been adopted by pharma distributors across India.

The best PCD pharma franchise companies use PCD franchise model to achieve a wider customer base and reach previously unrepresented markets in India. The pharma distributors use PCD model to start a monopoly pharma franchise business in their desired territory with low investment. The risk associated with a monopoly pharma franchise business is low, and the returns are good.

Earlier, a pharma company was responsible for the production of pharma products and medicines only. But as the difference between prescription medicines and non-prescription drugs became more and more evident, pharma companies tried out pharma marketing along with pharma production. Nowadays, most of the top PCD pharma companies in India use 3rd party pharma manufacturing to produce medicines while leaving the marketing aspect to themselves.

Can You Get A Collateral-free Machine Loan?

Machinery and equipment is the most important asset for a business as it increases the overall production and revenue of the business. Maintenance and timely upgradation of machinery and equipment is the first and foremost thing to do. Equipment is costly and upgradation and repairing of the same can cost a heavy amount to the company which might affect the current operation of the company. With the help of machinery loans, companies/businesses can bear the cost of equipment without hurting the current ongoing operation.

5 Smart Tips for Urbanized Office

An office is a place where every employee spends a lot of time. After home, it is the second place where you spend most of your time. You work in the office to fulfill your needs and to achieve the targets and goals of the organization. For this purpose, you must have some modern equipment that will help you in achieving the targets and along with that will ease your life in the office.

If you have things that can provide you comfort and can relax you when you are stressed or tensed in office, then this will not only bring satisfaction to the employee but will also increase the productivity of the organization due to which it gains profit. Certain things can help you in developing your office for the betterment of both the employee and the company. You can find these things from myStandDesk.

If you want to urbanize your office then following are the five smart tips that can help you:

How to Make Money Selling Mobile Apps to Local Businesses

With companies introducing latest technology in smartphones, more and more people are turning to them and their role in our life has increased more than ever. Everything can be done right from your smartphone and you don’t really need to leave the comfort of your couch whether you want to entertain yourself, manage your routine chores or even book flight tickets. And, with smartphones taking over everything, businesses have also realized that they can manage themselves better with the introduction of technology in their operations or by having some of the best iPhone apps developed for their customers.

This also gives an opportunity to mobile app developers to come up with some of the great new apps for local businesses and automate their processes. As a result, they can make handsome amount of money from every sale. But there are a few things that need to be taken care of so that app developers can easily make money selling their apps to the local businesses. Let’s take a look at what these things are.

5 Best Phone Apps for New Entrepreneurs

With the Internet and mobile devices (such as your smartphone) as your best friends, being a budding entrepreneur in this day and age gives you all the advantage you need throughout the whole process of establishing, building and managing your business.

5 Best Phone Apps for New Entrepreneurs

From planning, product development, accounting, marketing, and management, you’ll find online tools and apps that can make your work seem lighter, faster and more convenient. Some of these apps can help you boost productivity, organize tasks, or simply help you communicate better with your employees.

How To File GSTR-1 Online in India

The filing of the GSTR 1 tax form will be done online on GST Portal by the registered taxpayer or his/her representative. The process for filing GST Return 1 Form is quite simple. You just need to login to your account on the portal and then browse and open the relevant form (GSTR1 in this case). Some of the details will be auto populated based on your registration and tax information. You can fill the remaining details as you go.


Step By Step GSTR 1 Return File Process for July Month

Facing Problem With GST? Here Are Different Helpline Services For Help!!

GST is a complete overhaul of the old indirect tax system, which brings the complete taxation structure of the country under the one roof i.e GST. Though we are on the verge of implementing this taxation framework in the country, a lot of chaos and confusion is prevailing among the local traders to the big business houses. People are very skeptical about the success of this economic reform and it’s impact on the economy of the country. Adding spice to the pain of traders are the different processes involved in moving on to the GST platform. Further, what makes it even more disruptive is the fact that all transactions under GST – right from registration and raising invoices to file returns and paying taxes – have to be done online.

GST online india

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In the aforementioned scenario, Government and different private service providers have come to the rescue of traders. Various helpline numbers along with online portal and Apps have been made available to felicitate users with all the information and help required. In fact, these ‘helpline’ providers are acting as an army without a face for the smooth implementation of the GST taxation system in the country. Here we have listed 4 major Helpline providers with some basic details.